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A) Supported by JFKL Asia Centre Grant Programme


1. The Cooler Lumpur Festival
2-7th October 2018 @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas

The Cooler Lumpur Festival is a multidisciplinary festival curated by PopDigital. The Kuala Lumpur-centric festival adopts specific themes each year with the aim to expand the city’s cultural horizons, build stronger communities and cultivate the creativity and imagination of people.

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Haruna’s events

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For more information on the festival, visit the website.


2.The 48th Japanese Cultural Festival
20 August @ SOTA Concert Hall, Singapore

The Japanese Cultural Festival is an annual affair organized by the Japanese Cultural Society in conjunction with the Embassy of Japan, the Japanese Association & the Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

It is held between August to October every year and the programs include public performances, workshops & seminars. This is to provide Singaporeans with an opportunity to understand and appreciate the Japanese culture and at the same time brings back the hometown nostalgia to Japanese residents in Singapore.

** Highlights of the 48th Japanese Cultural Festival this year:  All Japan Osuwa Daiko Association and Okinawa Eisa Dance Troupe from Japan


3.7th International Seminar for Nusantara Heritage 2018

23rd October 2018 @ The Crown Garden Hotel, Kota Bahru, Kelantan


Event:  7th International Seminar on Nusantara Heritage (ISoNH 2018)

Theme: Nusantara Heritage: Roles of Cultural Heritage In 4.0 Industrial Revolution

Date:   23rd October 2018 (Tuesday)

Place:   The Crown Garden Hotel Pt 02 & 303 Jalan Kebun Sultan, 5300 Kota Bharu, Kelantan, P. O. Box 282

Keynote Speaker: Emeritus Professor Dr. TAKARA Kurayoshi from University of the Ryukyus.

Title:    “Mariner’s tie ? Historical bond between Ryukyu Kingdom and Nusantara”

International Seminar of Nusantara Heritage 2018 is a series of seminars which were held in three Southeast Asian Universities; The University of Sabah, Malaysia, The State University of Semarang, Indonesia, and The Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia. For this year, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan will be the host of the seventh seminar. The specific theme of the 7th Seminar is “Nusantara Heritage : Roles of Cultural Heritage in 4.0 Industrial Revolution”.

Nusantara is the terminology that has a history of geographical and cultural background (Archipelago Heritage), which has provided the identity and multicultural perspective in the historical development of nations, states, and cultural diplomacies in the region that is now called Southeast Asia. Nusantara culture and geohistory of region under the concept of heritage and cultural diversity has provided ever-growing similarities and dynamic differences that generate variety of understanding and cultural products as the result of its interaction.

Nusantara heritage within this contemporary culture continues to dealing with a more open and rapid migration in cultural transactions in locally, regionally, and even globally that generate cross-section meeting point which producing diverse contemporary culture phenomena in art practices, designs, craft, and also its extension in term of visual culture in dealing with Nusantara identity with various other cultural phenomena’s.

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4.“Japan × Malaysia International collaboration project “Singularity”“

25th-28th October 2018 @ Studio Seedbox, Kyoto

happiness! ? ≒ Choice ← Desire

The Story of individuals living in two cultures of Malaysia and Japan. Is there any difference ! ?

“What would you like to take with you if you were going to the space? ”

In this project they will create a piece from this question.  It is a work with Malaysian and Japanese dancers.


In September 2017, they began to research with Lim Pei Ern in Paris. In March 2018, Atsuki Heki stayed in the Malaysian theatre and made a solo dance and performance.

This time is a very grateful environment for their creation. They can create and perform in a studio, located in the south of Kyoto station called studio seedbox!

Well, the answers of each performer may change from time to time. We wonder if there is an individual desire in those answers. And we might find them interesting especially in those days, when we human beings are seriously looking at the traveling toward the space.  What is your answer?

My answer in this moment is different to the one I had a year ago.

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B) JFKL Logo Support Program


1.Japan Local Specialty Fair in Kuala Lumpur 

26th October ? 4th November 2018 @ ISETAN The Japan Store (Lot 10), LGF


 Name of event: Japan Local Specialty Fair in Kuala Lumpur

Dates: 26 (Fri) October ~ 4 (Sun) November 2018

Venue: ISETAN The Japan Store (Lot 10), LGF

Showcased products: Japanese kishimen, udon, apple, sake and many more

Organizer: Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR)

Food lovers in Malaysia will be delighted to know that a wide range of delicious specialty food products from Japan will be coming to Kuala Lumpur.

At the Japan Local Specialty Fair, you will find rare and hard to get savory food products from Japan.

What’s more, you will be able to participate in a lucky draw if you purchased a certain amount of products at the fair. If you are lucky, you could get prizes such as products from Japan, and even return air tickets to Japan!

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