30th Anniversary

30th Anniversary

The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur turned 30 years old in October 2019.


Over the years, we have organised or conducted various programs and projects under our primary objective of developing mutual understanding between people of Malaysia and Japan through culture and language. We also facilitate and support the exchange of personnel and experts who work in the field of Arts, Culture, Humanities and Social Sciences. Other objectives include developing a pool of local expertise in the field of Japanese language teaching and providing a better learning environment through our original language courses, development of new resources including e-learning materials, and events such as speech contest.


As a celebration of our 30th anniversary, we published this booklet with essays contributed by individuals and organisations that have worked closely with us along the way, together with voices from the public to look back on our fond memories as well as to share the exciting future plans that lie ahead.


We hope the past has made a better present, and we will keep striving for a brighter future, together.

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