Library Collection

The JFKL library contains a total number of approximately 15,000 volumes of materials. Our collection features a wide range of materials on Japan including books, magazines, comics, music CDs and DVDs.

General publications We have a wide selection of fiction, non-fiction, traveling, Japanese arts and culture of both its tradition and contemporary.
Reference We have a number of reference materials such as encyclopedias, atlases, photo albums and so on.
Japanese language studies guide Our library has the largest collection of useful materials for Japanese language learners in Malaysia such as general textbooks, JLPT, EJU and BJT.We also provide TADOKU graded readers and various kinds of materials for teaching Japanese language.
Comics You can enjoy our extensive collection of comics in Japanese and English.
Children’s books Books to know about Japanese culture and customs such as fairy tales in Japan and RAKUGO stories are very enjoyable and we also contains popular children’s books. For beginner Japanese language learners, these are very useful to enhance your reading comprehension as well.
Music CDs & DVDs You can enjoy listing to Japanese traditional music and J-pops in our library. Short documentaries introducing Japan and its culture as well as Japanese dramas and feature films can be enjoyed watching at AV booths in our library.
Journals Our current subscription includes Social Science Japan Journal (OUP), Southeast Asian Studies (Kyoto University), Nihongo Kyoiku (Nihongo Kyoiku Gakkai), JAPAN REVIEW (NICHIBUN KEN), etc.
Magazines Monthly Japanese magazines from Japan are subscribed.

Hiragana Times [general information about Japan in bilingual], AERA [general journalism], Non-No [ladies fashion], Orange Page [cookery & lifestyle], Animeju [animation] and much more. These latest sources are useful for updating yourselves.

Newspapers We subscribe to Japanese newspapers (Nikkei, Yomiuri) and in addition to major local newspapers in Malay, Chinese and English.