NIHONGO Partners Programme
NP in Malaysia

NIHONGO Partners Programme

This programme dispatches Japanese citizens as NIHONGO Partners mainly to secondary schools in Asia in order to support the local Japanese-Language teachers and students. The assignment of NIHONGO Partners is not only to support the educational activities of the local Japanese-Language teachers but also to spread the charms of the Japanese language and cultures through their learning support and cultural activities in and outside the classroom. Simultaneously, it is an opportunity for NIHONGO Partners to learn about their assigned country through the exchange with their students, teachers, and the people of the community. This programme aims to deepen mutual understanding and expand exchanges between Japan and Asia.


  • To deepen mutual understanding and expand international exchanges between Japan and ASEAN countries.
  • While enhancing the Japanese learning environment, the NIHONGO Partners are also expected to serve as ‘ambassadors’,sharing the beauty of Japanese culture as well as promoting the country.
  • To serve as a good platform for the NIHONGO Partners indiscovering more about the country, its culture and people in their dispatched areas/countries.

Eligibility as NIHONGO Partners

i. Fully understand the objectives of this programme, eager to participate and aspire to serve as a bridge between Japan and ASEAN countries;
ii. Able to adapt to the local standard of living (housing, lifestyle, etc.) and customs;
iii. Must be between the ages of 20-59 years old;
iv. Possess Japanese nationality and a native speaker of Japanese;
v. Able to engage in everyday conversation in English;
vi. Able to participate in all the programmes of pre-departure training conducted by the Japan Foundation Headquarter (about one-month);
vii. Able to cooperate with the Japan Foundation on disseminating information about activities and publicize this programme using SNS, website and other media tools; and
viii. Mentally and physically healthy.

NIHONGO Partners are not required to have teaching experiences nor a license in teaching, hence they are not allowed to teach independently in class as per MOE’s request.

NIHONGO Partners in Malaysia

  • The programme was launched in 2015 in Malaysia
  • As of 2024;
    • – Numbers of dispatched participants : 172 NIHONGO Partners in total
    • – Numbers of host schools : 124 host schools in total (RS+DS)
  • This programme is implemented under close mutual cooperation between JFKL and Ministry of Education Malaysia (School Management Division).
  • The duration for the NP programme (NP dispatched period) is about 7-8 months.
  • In 2024, 10 NIHONGO Partners of 10th Batch are stationed at schools from April to November.

Classroom and Cultural Activities at the Host Schools

  • Act as conversation partner to local Japanese language teachers and learners.
  • Work alongside counterpart teachers (CP) as an assistant teacher.
  • Advice appropriate teaching and learning materials, etc. for Japanese class and activities.
  • Introduce Japanese language and culture to the school through bulletin board, events,
  • Organise various Japan-related cultural activities such as Calligraphy, Tea Ceremony, Origami and Yukata in the class or Japanese language club.
  • Guide or train students for Japanese language and cultural competitions.

Activities Other Than in Host Schools

  • Participate in the Japanese Language Festival
  • IntroduceJapanese traditional games, food and songs at some Japan-related events
  • Conduct Japan-related activities in cooperation with thenearby schools or institutions

NIHONGO Partners Placement in Malaysia (2015-2024)