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講師:木下直子(きのした なおこ)早稲田大学日本語教育研究センター・准教授

早稲田大学大学院日本語教育研究科博士後期課程修了。博士(日本語教育学)。韓国・釡山外国語大学校日本語科専任講師、明海大学総合教育センター専任講師などを経て、早稲田大学日本語教育研究センター准教授。専門は、音声教育 、第二言語習得 、日本語学習アドバイジング。Web教材「つたえるはつおん」の開発のほか、MOOCs(大規模公開オンンライン講座edX)に「Steps in Japanese for Beginners」全9 コースを提供し、現在約17 万人の登録者がいる。2019 年Waseda e-Teaching Award 大賞、2020 年Waseda Teaching Award 賞、2021 年e-Teaching Award Good Practice 賞を受賞。

KINOSHITA, Naoko, MOHRI, Takami, SANO, Kaori(2022)『Steps in Japanese for Beginner 1』早稲田大学日本語教育研究センター.
KINOSHITA, Naoko, MOHRI, Takami, SANO, Kaori(2022)『Steps in Japanese for Beginner 2』早稲田大学日本語教育研究センター.
KINOSHITA, Naoko, IGETA, Takako, HAMAKAWA, Yukiyo(2022)『Steps in Japanese for Beginner 3』早稲田大学日本語教育研究センター.
木下直子(2021)「第6章 リズムの習得に関する定量的分析」『データ科学×日本語教育』ひつじ書房.
木下直子、中川千恵子(2019)「第3部 ツール・コンテンツ編/18 気持ちを伝える音声のWeb教材「つたえるはつおん」當作靖彦監修・李在鎬編集『ICT×日本語教育—情報通信技術を利用した日本語教育の理論と実践』ひつじ書房.

日時 2024年1月27日(土)
09:00-12:00 (マレーシア時間)
プラットホーム Zoom
参加費 無料
対象者 東南アジアの日本語教師および日本語教育関係者

※本セミナーは日本語で行われます JLPT N3相当/以上の方に推奨

申込書 こちら
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Japanese pronunciation learning support for your students:
Let’s think about what you should do, what you want to do and what you can do.

Japanese culture is considered to be a high-context culture, in which feelings are expressed through vocal inflections rather than words. If a Japanese language learner has not been taught about these inflections they will simply use the knowledge which underlies the use of their own language and, as a result, may face difficulties in conveying their intended meaning when communicating, such as showing courtesy or gratitude. So, what advice would you give to your Japanese language learners who are experiencing these kinds of limitations with their pronunciation?
In this workshop, we will explore the content of the web-based teaching material “Tsutaeru Hatsuon” ( and reconsider what we can do to help our students in terms of supporting their Japanese pronunciation learning.


The Speaker:  Associate Professor KINOSHITA Naoko (Center of Japanese Language, Waseda University)

Naoko Kinoshita attained her Ph.D. in the field of Japanese language education from Waseda University and is currently an associate professor at the Center of Japanese Language, Waseda University. Prior to this, she taught Japanese language at Busan University of Foreign Studies and at the Integrated Education Center, Meikai University. Her areas of expertise include pronunciation education, second language acquisition, and Japanese learning advisory support. Apart from developing the web-based teaching material “Tsutaeru Hatsuon”, she also created the online course “Steps in Japanese for Beginners” a MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses edX), with 9 levels and more than 170,000 users. She was awarded the “Waseda e-Teaching Award” in 2019, the “Waseda Teaching Award” in 2020 and the “e-Teaching Award Good Practice” in 2021.
Date & Time 27 January 2024 (Sat)
09:00-12:00 (Malaysia Time)
Platform Online via ZOOM
Participation Fee FREE
Target Participant Japanese language teachers & those involved in the field of Japanese Language Education in South-East Asian Countries
※This seminar will be conducted in Japanese (Recommended for those with JLPT N3 and above)
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(Deadline: 25 January 2024)
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