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JFKL Visit

Please note that you need to email the form at least 30 days before your visit

What is JFKL Visit?

JFKL Visit is akin to an industrial visit whereby those who are interested in Japanese language and culture can come over to our foundation to experience first-hand curated activities (involving Japanese language and culture-related activities) to deepen their understanding and interest in Japan.


The visit would require no payment and we only accept visits from Tuesday to Thursday with a minimum participant of 15 people and maximum 40 people per visit (depending on the most recent SOPs by the authorities). Any institutions such as school, student club, society or association may request for JFKL Visit.


Please read the application procedure and the application instruction below before you download the form:

Application Instruction

Please email the form at least 30 days before the visit


  1. Participants are required to get a chaperone if they are 18 years old and below.
  2.  Please make sure you have a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 40 participants (including instructors/chaperones) for the visit.
  3. Please pick a date between Tuesday-Thursday ONLY.

Please note, that we may not be able to meet your request as it depends on the date chosen, the number of participants we already have and other circumstances.

The schedule will be filled with two compulsory activities and two additional activities of your choice.

Compulsory activities:

  • i. Nihongo Session (Japanese language lesson)
  • ii. JFKL Library Tour

Cultural activities** (choose only two activities):

  • i. Yukata Session OR Washitsu Session (Japanese traditional room)
  • ii. Furoshiki Session (Japanese Wrapping-cloth) OR Origami Session (Paper-folding)

**Cultural activities are subject to availability and JFKL reserves the right to change the activities when necessary.

We really encourage educational institutions to bring your students here for hands-on learning to nurture a holistic and immersive learning experience outside of the classroom.

Please download the form below if you already understand the application procedure and application instruction above, please also contact the following e-mail if you have any inquiries regarding the visit:

Email the Form at least 30 days before the visit