How to become JFKL Member

to become JFKL Member

Download the Application Form in PDF Format and

apply as below:

1. Apply in Person at Library

Fill up the application form and bring along with:

i. 1 passport size photos
ii. RM10 (annual membership fee)


2. Apply by Money Order

Those prospective applicants who have difficulties in coming to our library (e.g. those who currently live away from the capital) may still apply to the membership by sending us:

i. Completed application form
ii. 1 passport size photos
iii. RM 10 (annual membership fee by postal order)


3. Apply on behalf of someone else

You may also ask someone instead of you to come to the library for your membership, in which case the person visiting our library on your behalf should bring all the required items mentioned above. A photocopy of a proof of your identity (NRIC or passport), in place of the identity card itself, is acceptable.


Please allow approximately 15 minutes to issue your membership card when you apply at the library counter. Please allow approximately 1 week to issue your membership card when you apply by post. We will post your card to the address on your application form as soon as possible.



Submit your current membership card with RM 8. Please keep us informed about your current address as we frequently distribute information by post.

* The Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur reserves the right to revoke your membership if necessary.
** Information on your application form is private and confidential.

For inquiries please contact

JFKL Library
Tel: 03-2284 6228
Fax: 03-2287 5859

Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM