Japanese Traditional Music Demonstration

Traditional Music Demonstration by Hiromu Motonaga and Azumi Yamano


The Amazing Duo of Shakuhachi and Koto will be back to Malaysia in 2019 !

Co-organized by Universiti Malaysia Sabah and in cooperation with Thinkcity, JFKL will present a lecture on Japanese traditional music and instruments for the students of Music program, while holding a Japanese Traditional music demonstration to the public. Don’t miss the beautiful sounds with rich expression in a wide variety of programs such as Classic, Modern, Solo and Duo, woven by two musicians who are both active in international stages!

Event Details

SABAH a) Lecture <For UMS students> Bilik Kristal, UMS 29 January 2019, Tuesday 2.00pm 4.00 pm b) Demonstration <OPEN to PUBLIC> Dewan Resital, UMS 30 January 2019, Wednesday 2.00pm - 4.00pm ADMISSION a)Not open to public b)FREE and open to public, Free admission, and registration is recommended *If you are attending with more than 6 persons, we recommend you to register beforehand to secure the seats via email to with email title “RSVP Traditional Music”, containing name, no. of pax and contact no.
KUALA LUMPUR Demonstration <OPEN to PUBLIC> Intersection between LRT & MRT Pasar Seni Station 31 January 2019, Thursday 5.30pm 7.30pm (with intermission) ADMISSION
Please be informed that the admission for the performance is free, but you'll need to purchase your train ticket ( Min Fee : RM1.20 )/ use your touch n' go ( Min Fee : RM 0.80 ) in order to get to the venue. Apologies for the inconvenience in advance.
* You may refer tothis Picture AorPicture Bfor our specific location.

Performer's Details

Hiromu MOTONAGA Shakuhachi player Born in 1974 in Yamaguchi prefecture of Japan, Hiromu spent his childhood abroad but remains fascinated by Japanese culture. After graduating from Sophia University’s Faculty of Foreign Studies and the NHK Academy for Traditional Japanese Music, he studied Kinko-ryu shakuhachi under the tutelage of Reisei OHASHI and Kuniyoshi SUGAWARA.   His shakuhachi style is based on Kinko-ryu classical music and Honkyoku meditational music. Known for creating modern music using traditional sounds while collaborating with artists of various genres, he has composed more than 20 works using Japanese traditional instruments. Currently based in Tokyo, Hiromu has performed extensively in more than 30 countries and 40 cities, stretching from Spain, Romania, United States, Australia, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. He is the Operating Manager of NPO Pro Musica Nipponia, an orchestra of Japanese traditional instruments. In 2012, he released a CD album entitled WASABI and WASABI 2 two years later. He also recorded for numerous musicians with more than 30 titles.
Azumi YAMANO Koto player Born in Yamaguchi prefecture of Japan, now resides in Tokyo. Azumi obtained her undergraduate degree from the NHK Academy for Traditional Japanese Music and participated in the Program for Nurturing Emerging Artists organized by Agency for Cultural Affairs (Government of Japan). Azumi currently performs as a solo musician and is also a member of Dual KOTOxKOTO, AUN J CLASSIC ORCHESTRA, and Koto Quartet Radentai. She has collaborated with the musicians and artists in various genre such as contemporary Kabuki theatre, orchestra in Russia, folk musicians in all over the world, and at times choreographers aiming to explore the diverse possibility of Koto. She performs globally in Europe, Asia and South America, while instructing the young traditional musicians and introducing Japanese traditional instruments domestically for those who are unfamiliar with the Japanese traditional instruments.

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