The Weekend Japanese Film Show in April- SHODO GIRLS!!書道ガールズ!!わたしたちの甲子園

SHODO GIRLS!! 書道ガールズ!! わたしたちの甲子園
(Color / 2010 / 120min)
Date: 6th April 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 3pm
Venue: Pawagam Mini, Tingkat 3, Fakulti Filem dan Video, ASWARA

Directed by Ryuichi INOMATA 猪股隆一
Cast: Riko NARUMI 成海璃子, Rio YAMASHITA 山下リオ, Nanami SAKURABA 桜庭ななみ, Nobuaki KANEKO 金子ノブアキ


Satoko is the captain of the calligraphy club at her high school and has won many awards for her works in various exhibitions. Her father is a professional calligrapher, and Satoko has always had to win her father’s approval; the need to please her father has gradually become stressful for her.

Satoko’s best friend and vice-captain of the club, Kana, appeals to Satoko that she wants to win a team prize for the effort she has put into the club for the past 3 years. But Satoko is reluctant about working as a team. Satoko also felt depressed about her friend Mio, who had quit the calligraphy club even though she had a talent that rivaled Satoko’s.

Then one day, Ikezawa comes to the high school as a substitute teacher. Ikezawa is appointed as the advisor of the calligraphy club, but he appears to have no intention to instruct its members.

However, when Satoko and the club members see Ikezawa perform in front of the school by fluidly writing a large script with music in the background, the activity within the calligraphy club begins to take a new direction.




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