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Tadoku Salon

TADOKU is a reading activity whereby one reads books without the aid of a dictionary. At JFKL TADOKU salon, you will choose a book from the vast selection of titles and discover the joy of reading books in Japanese. Then, share what you've read with other participants. You may use any language that you feel comfortable to communicate with other participants. 
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Online Japanese Salon

Well, we know that learning a foreign language is a lonely journey because you could hardly practice the language you learnt. We can feel you! That’s why JFKL has come out with a new event, namely ONLINE JAPANESE SALON, which is a virtual space (online) for you to gather and talk with other Japanese language learners in Malaysia in Japanese! The more exciting news is: You will also get the chance to talk with native Japanese speakers as well! 
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Speech Contest

Speech Contest is an annual Japanese language speech competition among local secondary school students in Malaysia who studied Japanese. Aimed at nurturing Japanese language skills and repertoire. 
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Skit Contest

A fun way to encourage Japanese language learners to exercise their Japanese speaking skills through acting! The objective of the contest is to enhance Japanese language communicative competence among non-native Japanese language learners in Malaysia. By allowing participants to submit their video skits through YouTube, the contest has made it easier for students to participate in the contest irrespective of where they are. 
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