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JFKL SKILL-UP COURSE is a short-course program targeting learners who want to brush up on their Japanese skills. Each course has its own target level and skill. So, please check and apply the most suitable course for your need.


オンライン 話す力・ブラッシュアップ コース
ONLINE COURSE: Speaking Skill Brush-Up

Target Level: Pre-intermediate and intermediate learners
(JF Standard* A2/B1-B1)
*about JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education:


Target Skill: Speaking skill


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Q1. To participate in this online course, what do I have to prepare? 


You need the following preparation:-
■System used
Online live lessons are conducted via Zoom ( The program will need to be installed for the first time only. Each time before the lesson, Zoom URL will be informed. You could join via the URL given. Zoom login is not necessary.


*System requirements for PC


*The necessary bandwidth for using Zoom.
Upload Speed 600kbps / Download Speed 1.2Mbps

Please conduct a speed test using the website below before you enroll in the course to ensure that your internet connection meets the recommended system requirements. (Clicking this will transfer you to the third-party website.)


■What you need
To join the online live lessons, please prepare the following:-
1. Headset (with working microphone)
2. Web camera


Q2. I’m not sure if the course level is suitable for me. How can I self-check?

This course is targeting the pre-intermediate and intermediate learners. If you have passed the “Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)” N4 and above, or you have finished “elementary” Japanese course, or finished “A2 level” Japanese textbook (e.g., “Marugoto” A2 or “Minna no Nihongo” Elementary), you might be able to follow this course.
No worries, you may self-check your proficiency level when you fill in the online application form.
For inquiries, please contact us via email:

Q3. How do I pay the course fee?

You will have to make the payment via online banking. The invoice* for course fee payment will be sent to you via e-mail within seven working days after your application. Kindly check your email and pay the fee before the due date stated in the email. Please note that after the due date, the payment link will be expired and your application will be cancelled automatically. For inquiries, please e-mail to
*Kindly take note that we are using ipay88 email payment services. Please check your junk/spam mailbox if you could not find it in your inbox.

Q4. I want to know about the textbook. 

There is no textbook for this course. We will be using original learning materials and videos from the “Marugoto Plus” website. The course materials will be sent to you before each live lesson via email.
“Marugoto Plus” website: