[Results] 2017 Japanese Skit Contest for University and College Students

[Results] 2017 Japanese Skit Contest for University and College Students

We are pleased to announce The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur has successfully organized the 2017 Japanese Skit Contest for University and College Students. The theme of the contest was ‘60’. This theme was chosen in conjunction with the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relation between Japan and Malaysia which was established in 1957. Congratulations to all the participants for their enthusiastic response and efforts in their skits production.

The objective of the contest is to enhance communicative competence among Japanese language learners in colleges and universities. By allowing participants to submit their works through YouTube, the contest has made it easier for students to participate irrespective of where they are.

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (2 tie-placing teams) prize winning teams will attend the 2018 Malaysia Japanese Language Education Seminar in order to claim their prizes and certificates. The 1st winner team will also deliver a short presentation of their winning skit as part of the program. The date and venue will be advised later.


1st Prize:”60年間会いたかったよ Friendship: Wrongship” by University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

2nd Prize: “たった60の… It’s Only 60” by International Islamic University Malaysia

3rd Prize (tie placing): “人生最後の六十時間 The Last 60 Hours to Live” byINTEC Education College, UiTM

3rd Prize (tie placing): “切れない縁 Unbreakable Bond” byInstitut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Bahasa Antarabangsa

Consolation Prizes (in no particular order)

ご縁の「60」 The Ties of 「60」by University Sains Malaysia, Penang

還暦 Kanrekiby University of Malaya

真の愛の60時間 60 Days of True Loveby Universiti Tun Hussein Onn

60日60 Dayby Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

60歳のお婆さんと60の良いでき事 60 Year Old Lady 60 Good Deedsby Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

60秒の幸せスキッ60 Seconds of Happinessby Universiti Malaysia Terengganu