The Japan Foundation Group Tours Program for Secondary School Educators

The 2006 Secondary School Educators Study Tour Program Group 1 was conducted at the Japan Foundation Tokyo from 22 June 5 July 2006. This program invited teachers from all over the world engaged in education at secondary school level through their visits to school and institutions and staying with foster parents program. 51 participants from 15 different countries were invited for this program, and 5 participants representing Malaysia.

Mr. Shimoyama Masaya, Mr. Shimada Seiya and Mr. Anuar from the Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur gave the participants a special briefing on 21 June, prior to our departure for Japan on the same evening.

At the Japan Foundation, Tokyo, the participants were given briefing about the system of education in Japan. The inculcation educational system is effective with compulsory education in elementary and lower secondary school. The school system encourages the usage of Japanese language in various aspects of communication.

The group visits Miyajima Island, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, temples and shrines, palace and castles. The building shows a splendid structural beauty that skilfully combines Japanese architectural styles. We can see a high moral society that respects and preserves culture and environment. The people in Japan are generous, helpful and kind to the visitors and foreigners, even though they seldom use English language. They are very advanced but still preserved their cultures and traditional way of life.

The participants are made to adapt themselves to the way of Japanese people wearing Japanese traditional costume ?gyukata?h and ate Japanese food in Japanese styles. It was a wonderful experience to the participants. The Japanese home stay enriches our experiences. We enjoy Japanese way of life and bring back wonderful memories of our stay there.

Reported by the participants of this program

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