JFF 2020 Highlight: Remote Films

2020 saw the new corona virus unleash its fury throughout the world. In Japan where a state of emergency was declared on 7 April, the film industry naturally was badly effected as well. However, some filmmakers did not let it stop their creative process. Recognizing that “remote films” created using ZOOM has played an important role in the Japanese film world in 2020, the Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur felt that they should be introduced as part of the Japanese Film Festival in Malaysia this year. Please enjoy the wonderful works by the filmmakers who, in the face of this adversity, have unleashed their creativity.

Perhaps I Could Say It Now


Interview with Director

Furthermore, please also enjoy the video of the interview with director Isao Yukisada who together with a Malaysian cast and crew shot “Pigeon,” the middle piece of the omnibus film, “Asian Three-Fold Mirror 2016: Reflections,” and who also directed “Perhaps I Could Say It Now” which you can view on this page.

One Cut of the Dead Mission: Remote

© One Cut of the Dead Mission: Remote

People are under stay home order in Japan. Everyone is forced to refrain from going out due to the spread of new virus infections. One day, Video Director Higurashi gets a video call from Producer Sasahara and Producer Furusawa in his home. They are giving him an unreasonable request, "please make one reproduction drama, with a deadline this month!”

"I can't shoot it right now," Higurashi tries to persuade them, but an unexpected reply comes back. "All the staff and cast can make it without ever meeting." So completely remote video production has begun …!