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We Make Antiques! ( 嘘八百/ Usohappyaku )


A dowdy antique dealer Norio finds a valuable tea cup of the most famous Japanese tea master Sen no Rikyu from the 16th century when searching inside a storehouse of a rich family. Norio deceives the homeowner Sasuke to get it for almost nothing, but it turns out that Sasuke is a mere house-sitter and the teacup is made by Sasuke himself. When Norio learns that Sasuke used to be a hopeful potter derailed by an antique authenticator Norio himself has a painful history against, the two decide to make the gamble of a lifetime against the authenticator they both have a score to settle with. Involving their wives and children, this act of fraud goes quite unexpectedly.

Trivia & Awards

TAKE Masaharu and scriptwriter, ADACHI Shin, who also collaborated on the award-winning boxing drama “100 Yen Love” (2014) once again collaborated in this comedy feature.

We Make Antiques!


Year 2018
Runtime 106 mins
Language Japanese
Subtitles English
Country Japan
Genre Comedy
Rating P13


  • NAKAI Kiichi - KOIKE Norio
  • SASAKI Kuranosuke - NODA Sasuke


  • TAKE Masaharu - Director
  • IMAI Masako - Screenplay
  • NISHIMURA Hiromitsu - Cinematography
  • MIYANISHI Takaaki - Lighting