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JFKL Small Grant FAQs

Before Applying

Please also read: Application Guideline

Q: What can I get a grant for?
A: The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur (JFKL) offers grants to cover partial expenses for implementing intellectual activities and cultural events that fall within the categories of The Japan Foundation programmes. The grant is awarded to projects that can further promote understanding of Japan in the social sciences, humanities or cultural fields.

Q: What might make my application ineligible?
A: Some of the criteria that may cause your application to be ineligible are:

a)      Applicant must be a registered institution
b)      Applicant must be from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei
c)      Applicant is not receiving any grant from Japan Foundation Tokyo for the same project

Q: Can we apply for a small grant to go to Japan ?
A: Unfortunately, the small grants only support applications that bring Japanese artists/keynote speakers/experts to Malaysia. If you are looking for information on studying in Japan, please visit links below:

Embassy of Japan
Japan Student Service Organization (JASSO) Malaysia

If you are an art practitioner or producer, please contact the JFKL Cultural Affairs Department.

Q: Can I apply for a small grant for my chemistry research project with a Japanese scholar?
A: Unfortunately, this grant specifically caters to the social sciences and humanities fields only.

Q: Can I apply for a second project within the same year?
A: The grant follows the Japanese fiscal year which starts in April and ends in March the next year. It is possible to apply for the second time but projects of applicants who have received grants from the Japan Foundation in the same fiscal year will be given lower priority.

Q: We are students of a theatre company in Kuala Lumpur. Can we apply for the grant?
A: The applicants have to be a registered company. If your student group is not registered, you may seek a registered collaborator or co-organiser that can apply with you. If your university/school fully supports your project, they too can be the applicant. * Please note the applicant organisation has to be the recipient of the granted cheque and is responsible for the final report (including the financial report).

Q: Can I apply for a small grant to support my entire project budget?
A: Please note that the grant is awarded on a cost-sharing basis and the project will be not eligible if it is fully and solely supported by JFKL.

Q: Must the project be related to Japan? Does the artist have to be Japanese?
A: The artist/lecturer does not have to be Japanese, but there should be something related to Japan within the project to receive this grant.

Q:Our organization has received a support from JFKL since 3 years ago. Could we apply again this year as well?

A: In principle, grants will not be provided to individuals or organizations that have received support as part of the same program for three consecutive fiscal years for a fourth consecutive fiscal year, unless the Japan Foundation assesses that there is strong justification for the continuation of the program. This measure has been put in place to prevent the immobilization of beneficiaries, as well as to create opportunities for more individuals and organizations to obtain support. While it is possible to apply for support for the same program for the fourth consecutive year, please note that low priority is typically given to such programs.



During Application

Q: I had finished filling up the application form. What other crucial documents must I include in my application?
A: Please ensure you complete the following checklist:

□  Complete application form with proposed budget
□  CV of the invitee (artist, researcher, etc.)
□  Details about the event (schedule, ticket price, venue, expected audience, etc.)
□  Supporting documents of your company (past programmes, organisation info, media articles, etc.)
□  Supporting documents for your proposed budget (flight booking price, hotel booking price, etc.)

Q: Can my guest fly in business class?
A: JFKL can only support economy class airfare. It is possible to use the grant to cover the airfare, and pay the balance by other means of funding.

Q: What kind of  supporting material should I submit?
A: The screening panel will consider supporting material along with your application. Supporting material include guest background, cost estimation (flight, hotel, transportation, venue rental, etc.), your organisation data, past programmes, media clippings and so on.

After Applying

Q: What happens after I have submitted my application?
A: We will contact the applicants for further consultation, and then the application will be screened for approval. You will hear from us again approximately one month after the submission of your application. Please note that your application will not be screened if you fail to answer pertinent enquiries by JFKL.

Q: We received a hotel discount after applying for this grant and we now have balance funds. Can we use this for something else?
A: If you have budgetary changes after you were awarded the grant, there are two options to choose from. Firstly, if the change is within 20% of the whole budget amount, you can transfer the balance to another category of the budget with the permission of JFKL. The second option is to send the balance back to us. For both options, please consult with us as soon as possible.

Q: We decided to not bring the artist from Japan but instead from other country. Do we have to pay back the grant amount?
A: If you have significant changes in your programme, such as changes in main guest, theme, venue, or ticket charges, the grant may be reconsidered. Please read through the terms and conditions again, and consult with JFKL as soon as possible.

Q: Do I need to pay taxes when I pay the Japanese artist using this grant?
A: Under “Para 22b, Sch 6 of Income Tax Act (ITA) 1967”, no resident public entertainer is entitled for 60 days tax exemption if supported by funding from a foreign government. The Japan Foundation is registered as an Independent Administrative Institution under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and established under the “Law of the Japan foundation Independent Administrative Institution 2002”.  The grantee will be given an official letter from the President of the Japan Foundation. Please consult your accounting department or Jabatan Dasar Percukaian for clarification and more information.

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