‘Gauche the Cellist’ by Opera Theatre Konnyakuza


151 Gauche the Cellist 22 Jul 2003 Performance Photo1The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur 国際交流基金 and The Actors Studio will be organizing the opera ‘Gauche The Cellist’ performed by the Opera Theatre Konnyakuza.

The theatre was founded in Tokyo in 1971, with the aim of creating and promoting new operas sung in Japanese by former members of Konnyaku Exercise Club in Tokyo Arts University東京藝術大学. Currently, Konnyakuza carries on approximately 170 performances a year with Hikaru Hayashi林光as the artistic director and Kyoko Hagi萩京子as the music directorwith about twenty singers including the leading singer Keiko Takeda竹田恵子. Their productions use only a piano or small-scale ensemble and a small number of singers.

Opera ‘ Gauche the Cellist’

151 Gauche the Cellist 22 Jul 2003 Performance Photo2This is a opera that based on a children’s story by Kenji Miyazawa宮澤賢治, a well-known writer in modern Japan. Their adaptation is unique in singing many lines straight from the original wording of his story to construct a great drama. Six performers play not only six characters; Gauche, Band Master, Cat, Cuckoo, Little Raccoon and Mother rat, but also storytellers and chorus. The story is about a young musician who grows through his friendship with animals while he develops his musical skills. This approachable opera has an equal appeal to children and adult. Opera ‘ Gauche the Cellist’ has been performed over 750 times in Japan since its premier in Tokyo in 1986. This opera will be in Japanese with English subtitles for better understanding.

The performances will be held as follows:

Venue : The Actors Studio Bangsar
Level 3, West Wing,
Bangsar Shopping Centre
Date : 22 (Tue) & 23 (Wed) July 2003
Time : 8.30pm
Tickets : Adult RM35
Student RM 15

For tickets’ booking, call The Actors Studio at 03-26945400 / 03-20940400 or e-mail to

Please call The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur at 03-2161 2104, fax to 03-21612344, visit or contact The Actors Studio at the aforesaid numbers for enquiries.

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