The Weekend Japanese Film Show in May- Fireworks from the Heartお兄ちゃんのハナビ

Directed by:

Masahiro KUNIMOTO (国本 雅広, Color / 2010 / 119min)


KORA 高良 健吾, Mitsuki TANIMURA 谷村 美月, Yoshiko MIYAZAKI 宮崎 美子, Ren OHSUGI 大杉 漣


Five years ago, the Sudo family moved to this small town in northern Japan to enable their daughter Hana to recuperate from her various health issues.

The small town of Katakai boasts some of the biggest fireworks displays in the world. Hana is released from the hospital on the day of the annual Katakai fireworks festival following six months of treatment for acute leukemia and learns that her older brother, Taro, has become a social recluse. At the festival later that evening, Hana sees the town’s Young Adult Group enthusiastically planning for the following year when they would turn twenty and sponsor their own fireworks. Hana resolves to get her brother more involved in the community and forces him out of seclusion. She drags the reluctant Taro to the Youth Group Office, but they refuse to grant membership to an “outsider”. Despite the rejection, Taro begins to make an effort to reintegrate into society, starting with a local paper route.

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