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The Japanese movie season with the Japan Foundation continues!

Japanese Film Festival Online 2022 returns for its second edition from 14 to 28 February 2022* where we bring you a series of titles that you can enjoy FOR FREE from the comfort of your home. In this edition, we will be bringing 20 titles ranging from the classics, drama and thriller to documentary and animation that will entice you of the wonders of the Japanese cinema.

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From 4:00 PM (MYT), 14 February until 3:59 PM (MYT), 28 February 2022

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JFF ONLINE 2022 Nihongo Quiz
Watch Japanese films at JFF ONLINE 2022, answer the quiz in Japanese and win a prize!

All you have to do is download the Question & Answer sheet from here and submit your answers! Lucky 10 winners will be selected among those who answer 5 questions correctly. Kindly note that only handwritten answers in Japanese will be accepted. Contest ends at 10:00 PM on 28 February 2022. Terms and conditions apply. Check the Question & Answer sheet for details.

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Sertai Sherry Alhadad dan Sharifah Amani dalam perkongsian ringkas mereka tentang filem-filem yang bakal ditayangkan di JFF ONLINE 2022!

Tarikh: 17 Februari 2022 (Khamis)
Masa: 8:00 PM
Platform: Tonton secara langsung melalui Facebook Live dan YouTube Live.


My First Love ~Watashi no Hatsukoi~ with A. Samad Hassan and Edmund Yeo
Who was your first love when it comes to Japanese actresses? Join us and listen to two local filmmakers, A. Samad Hassan and Edmund Yeo as their share their love for their favourite Japanese actresses!

Date: 10 February 2022 (Thursday)
Time: 8:00 PM
Platform: JFKL's Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Watch the live stream here.

It's a Summer Film! (サマーフィルムにのって)
d. MATSUMOTO Soushi / 2021 / Drama

Let's make a movie together!" A girl passionate about samurai films and a boy full of mystery make a film together that transcends time and space.  
Under the Open Sky  (すばらしき世界)
d. NISHIKAWA Miwa / 2021 / Drama

The story of a former yakuza's struggles to be accepted by society, even as he tries to live an earnest life.  
Mio's Cookbook  (みをつくし料理帖)
d. KADOKAWA Haruki / 2021 / Period Drama

Back when Tokyo was called Edo, a young girl has made a name for herself as a chef while she dreams of being reunited with her best friend. An invigorating story about friendship and the art of cooking.  
Masked Ward  (仮面病棟)
d. KIMURA Hisashi / 2020 / Thriller

What is the robber's true motive? A surprising thriller that unfolds in the confines of a hospital building.  
d. YAMADA Atsuhiro / 2020 / Drama

A thrilling coming-of-age drama depicting the fateful battle between a professional shogi player and a shogi software developer.  
Aristocrats  (あのこは貴族)
d. SODE Yukiko / 2021 / Drama

Does happiness look different for women in different social classes? A drama that questions the state of contemporary life through the perspectives of two female protagonists of different backgrounds.  
Ito  (いとみち)
d. YOKOHAMA Satoko / 2021 / Drama

A shy country girl chooses a part-time job at a "maid cafe" where she serves customers while dressed up as a maid. A unique and touching coming-of-age drama.  
Time of EVE the Movie  (イヴの時間 劇場版)
d. YOSHIURA Yasuhiro / 2010 / Animation

Do androids have souls? A moving animation that considers the nature of emotions through the interactions between humans and androids.  
Patema Inverted  (サカサマのパテマ)
d. YOSHIURA Yasuhiro / 2013 / Animation

A girl and a boy living in two different worlds, that exist upside-down from each other, change the future. Characters "rise" underground and "fall" into the sky in this truly innovative animation.  
SUMODO~The Successors of Samurai~

d. SAKATA Eiji / 2020 / Documentary

A film all about sumo—Japan's national sport. A documentary with rare access into the behind-the-scenes lives of famous sumo wrestlers.  
The God of Ramen
(ラーメンより大切なもの 東池袋大勝軒50年の秘密)

d. INNAMI Takashi / 2013 / Documentary

A moving documentary about the man who started a legendary ramen shop in Tokyo.  
d. KUROSAWA Akira / 1950 / Classic

A group of murder witnesses all give completely different testimonies. One of the most celebrated films in Japanese history that questions whether there is such thing as truth in this world.  
The Floating Castle  (のぼうの城)
d. INUDO Isshin, Higuchi Shinji / 2012 / Period Drama

Despite the absolute disadvantage of a troop of 500 against 20,000, a commander still decides to go to war. A war spectacle set during Japan's civil war period.  
Happy Flight  (ハッピーフライト)
d. YAGUCHI Shinobu / 2008 / Comedy

Emergency on a flight from Tokyo to Honolulu! An ensemble film depicting on-the-ground staff, cabin attendants and pilots in action.    
OZLAND  (オズランド 笑顔の魔法おしえます。)
d. HATANO Takafumi / 2018 / Drama

What kind of employee can wield the magic that makes customers smile? The story of a new employee assigned to an amusement park, and the fun-filled chronicles of her growing pains.  
Until the Break of Dawn  (ツナグ)
d. HIRAKAWA Yuichiro / 2012 / Drama

If you could meet the dead one more time, who would you choose? A spiritual and moving humanistic drama.  
Her Love Boils Bathwater  (湯を沸かすほどの熱い愛)
d. NAKANO Ryota / 2016 / Drama

A tear-inducing humanistic drama about the bonds between a strong-willed and deeply-loving mother and her family.  
The Chef of South Polar  (南極料理人)
d. OKITA Shuichi / 2009 / Drama

A classic Japanese comedy film that follows the bittersweet and charmed daily lives of a group of men living in the Antarctic, where their only joy is to eat.  
ReLIFE  (ReLIFE リライフ)
d. FURUSAWA Takeshi / 2017 / Drama

If you could redo your high school years, how will it affect your life? A peculiar coming-of-age love story about re-living new destinies.  
Bread of Happiness  (しあわせのパン)
d. MISHIMA Yukiko / 2012 / Drama

A cafe in the middle of the great outdoors serves delicious bread and coffee to people with pain in their hearts. A humanistic drama that is sure to warm one's heart.  


  1. Submissions are only accepted if your answers are handwritten on a printed copy of this answer sheet. If you are unable to print this file, you may use a blank sheet of paper and write down your answer using the same format as in the answer sheet.
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Kindly note that there has been an update to the streaming period.
The streaming will be available from 4:00 PM (MYT) on 15 November,
and will end on 4:59 PM (MYT) on 22 November.
Ahead of the return of the JAPANESE FILM FESTIVAL ONLINE in February 2022, a pre-festival is happening for one week from 15 to 22 November* showcasing 5 most popular titles from last year’s online festival that will feed your thirst for Japanese cinema, for FREE, and in the comfort of your home!
  1. Streaming will be made available from 4:00 PM (MYT) on 15 November. Each title is available for 48 hours after you click the Play button. After the 48-hour, the film will no longer be viewable. Please note that on the last day, the streaming will close at 4:59 PM (MYT)* regardless of the time remaining.
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Little Nights, Little Love
(d. IMAIZUMI Rikiya / 2019 / Romance, Drama / 1h 59m)
Cast: MIURA Haruma, TABE Mikako, HARADA Taizo  

Sato is an employee conducting a survey in front of Sendai Station. Saki takes the survey and the two ultimately become a couple. 10 years later, Sato proposes to Saki on the occasion of their 10th anniversary.
(d. YAGUCHI Shinobu / 2019 / Musical Comedy / 1h 43m)
Cast: MIYOSHI Ayaka, YASHIRO Yu, chay

Shizuka works at a big Tokyo trading company and harbors a secret crush on her dashing boss. One weekend she takes her niece to visit a carnival hypnotist to inspire her for an upcoming school musical. But it is Shizuka who falls under the spell and she is soon breaking uncontrollably into song and dance whenever she hears music. Shizuka must embark on a cross country hunt for the hypnotist to break the spell, singing and dancing all the way! 
©TAIYO KIKAKU Co., Ltd/EXPLORERES JAPAN Ltd. All Rights Reserved.  
(d. YASHIRO Takeshi / 2019 / Animation / 27m)

When Gon, a playful orphaned fox, finds that young Hyoju has lost his mother, he tries to comfort him and make amends for his own earlier mischiefs by secretly bringing small gifts to the boy every day. But Hyoju doesn’t realize who is behind the anonymous gifts, and the two are headed for a heartbreaking climax.
©Television Nagasaki Co.,Ltd.  
Tora-san in Goto
(d. OURA Masaru / 2016 / Documentary / 1h 54m)
Cast: INUZUKA Torao

A documentary shot from 1993 and over 22 years chronicled a large family who make their living as udon noodle makers on the Goto Archipelago in Nagasaki Prefecture. Inuzuka Torao, known as “Tora of Goto” runs an udon noodle making business on the Goto Archipelago. Everyday, his seven children wake up at 5am, help with the business for an hour, then head for school. Over the 22 years the documentary follows them, the children all grow up.
©2013 “The Great Passage” Film Partners
The Great Passage
(d. ISHII Yuya / 2013 / Drama, Romance / 2h 13m)

Drama about the passion of an editor who struggles to create a dictionary, as depicted over a fifteen-year period. Publishing house salesman Majime has an earnestness about him that sets him apart from his peers. But he has a discerning sensibility when it comes to language, which lands him in the dictionary editorial department. He ends up editing “The Great Passage,” a huge dictionary with 240,000 entries. 

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