Japanese Film Festival 2018

This year, the ever-popular Japanese Film Festival ( JFF2018 ) will once again, continue to serve up an exciting cross-section of Japan’s diverse movie cultures. Celebrating its 15th anniversary, the said event is to be held at selected Golden Screen Cinemas across the country.

Featuring 13 recent films across a variety of genres, including drama, suspense, documentary, and comedy, JFF 2018 will provide the audience with an exciting opportunity to deepen their familiarity with Japanese culture and society.

Residents of the Klang Valley will be the first in line to catch the best in Japanese motion pictures when the event kicks off on 6th September 2018 at GSC Mid Valley, GSC NU Sentral, GSC Pavilion KL and GSC 1Utama. It’ll then travel to its usual routes, Penang, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, and for the 1st time this year, JFF will be extended to the southern part of Malaysia, Johor Bahru!

Also to commemorate the 15th anniversary of JFF and to express our appreciation to the Malaysian audiences and industry who have supported us over the past years, we’ve lined up 2 special programs, which are Chihayafuru movie marathon ( Part 1 ? Part 3 ) and special screenings of films shot in Japan by Malaysian filmmakers.

Here is the list of the movies that awaits you starting this September!

List of Japanese Movies;

  1. Ramen Heads
  2. Mixed Doubles
  3. 3Ft Ball & Souls
  4. Born Bone Born
  5. Chihayafuru Part 3
  6. Perfect World
  7. Tremble All You Want
  8. The 8-Year Engagement
  9. Yakiniku Dragon
  10. Her Sketchbook
  11. We Make Antiques!
  12. The Gift of Memory / The Gift of Memory ~?a Va?
  13. Memoirs of a Murder

List of Special Screening Movies; 

Films shot in Japan by Malaysian Filmmakers

  1. Fly Me To Minami and New World by Lim Kah Wai
  2. Heart of Taiko by Shamyl Othman & Lydia Lubon
  3. Short films, Kingyo and Exhalation by Edmund Yeo

Chihayafuru Marathon 

  1. Chihayafuru Part 1
  2. Chihayafuru Part 2
  3. Chihayafuru Part 3

Click the link to visit the official festival website for more inside scoop of JFF 2018! :

  1. We’ve already printed the flyers with the screening schedule for JFF 2018. However, due to some technical difficulties, the show time of “We Make Antiques!” and “Born Bone Born” at GSC Mid Valley on 9th September have been changed to the new timings. The new time is in red below.


“We Make Antiques!” → 4.20pm to 5.20pm

“Born Bone Born” →6.45pm to 7.45pm


  1. For “Ramen Heads” movie, the cinema release date is as follows,

. 6th September ? GSC Mid Valley, GSC Pavilion KL, GSC 1 Utama and GSC NU Sentral (Klang Valley)

. 13th September ? GSC Gurney Plaza (Penang)

. 20th September ? GSC Paradigm JB Mall (Johor)

. 4th October ? GSC CityONE (Kuching) and GSC Suria Sabah (Kota Kinabalu)

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