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Japan Malaysia Technical Design Workshop 2020

Start Date: 8/3/2020 - End Date: 12/3/2020 ::: Organized By JFKL


After 16 years of the first TECHNICAL DESIGN WORKSHOP held back in 2004, the workshop is now back and we are looking for the participants with strong motivation to learn together!

 Project Synopsis 

The workshop is intended to develop Malaysian theatre designers, namely set, lighting and sound, via a collaborative process with Japanese professionals of the same discipline. Participants will experience the process from the initial creative dialogue, the conceiving of designs through a series of workshops for a possibility of a full performance. They will learn to respond visually and creatively from the selected text – Nukegara. This workshop aims to develop the professional awareness and understanding of the responsibilities of the designer and to explore various design methods.

8 – 12 March 2020

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM (including lunch break)
(Time is subject to change.)

Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)


This workshop is a guided and collaborative exploration of designing set, sound and lighting based on a selected text. Included in the workshops are the study of script from a designer?s point of view, spatial exploration, design processes and challenges, amongst others. The workshop will be conducted separately in each section and participants will share the outcome on the last day.

TOKI Kenichi (Set designer), FUJIHIRA Mihoko (Sound designer) and KAZAWA Ayako (Lighting designer)

 Participation Fee
RM200 for 5 days

 Number of participants to be accepted
A maximum of 3 persons for each workshop

 Eligibility of Participants

  • Performing arts practitioners;
  • Individuals who have some experience in either set, sound or lighting design;
  • Participants will be selected via an interview process.

To apply, kindly email nukegaratechws[at]gmail[dot]com with the following information:

1. CV ? including theatrical credits;
2. Bio (200 words);
3. The workshop that you would like to attend: set, sound or lighting;
4. What you would like to gain through joining this workshop (200 words); and
5. Contact Information.

Successful applicants will be notified for an interview.

 Bio of conductors

TOKI Kenichi
Set Designer

TOKI Kenichi started his career in Off-Off Broadway theatres in New York as a stage designer after obtaining Master Degree in Stage Design at Connecticut University. He has been with the Ikiume Theatre Company as a stage designer since his return from America and has designed all stage sets in the company. He received notable awards such as Rookie of the Year Award for “The Sixteen Injured” in The 40th Kisaku Ito Award in 2012 and Best Staff in “Enemy of God and Invader Who is Taking a Walk” in the 25th Yomiuri Theatre Award in 2018.His recent designs include “Mystery of Edwin Dorud” (Dir. Yuuichi Fukuda), “City of Engel” (Dir. Yuuichi Fukuda), “Kiss Me Kate” (Dir. Yukio Kamishima), “Murder for Two” (Dir. Scott Schwartz), “Death and Angel, Nest of Isoptera” (Dir. Kenichi Tani), “World” (Dir. Masaaki Akabori) and “Insincerity” (Dir. Koki Mitani).

Sound Designer

FUJIHIRA Mihoko has been with the Yamakita Stage Sound (Co.,Ltd) since 1984 as a sound designer with experience working on straight plays, musical theatre, musical concerts and events. Her recent works include:
“Look Back in Anger” (New National Theatre Tokyo);Swimming with Sharks” (Setagaya Public Theatre);
“Girl in the Gold Fish Bowl” (Akasaka Red Theatre);
“Blue Orange” (DDD Aoyama Cross Theatre);
“Flowers for Algarnon” (Theatre Subaru);
“Et.Dukkehjem by Ibsen” (Haiyuza Theatre);
“Konan X Live Mystery” (Kinokuniya Southern Theatre);
“Mystery Night” (Hotel Metropolitan);
“Cogito” (Association of Japanese Theatre Companies).
She received the “Encouragement Award” from the Sonoda/Kano Foundation and she is a member of the Stage Sound Association of Japan.

Lighting Designer

KAZAWA Ayako is part of the Bungakuza (literature) Theatre Company as Chief Lighting Designer since 2000. She was sent to Schaubühne in Berlin, Germany as a trainee by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in 2015 and 2018. She participated in the first performance of Shed Skin in 2005 as the Chief Lighting Operator.


8/3/2020 @ 9:00 am
12/3/2020 @ 3:00 pm
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Organized By JFKL