Ipoh International Art Festival 2021 Pre-Fest

The Ipoh International Art Festival (IIAF) is an art festival organised by PORT, bringing a series of exhibitions consisting of drawings, prints, installations, audio-visual and art performances highlighting the contemporary style and elements. The inaugural edition was held last year in 2019 with the main objective of becoming an entity in giving Ipoh a signature festival that all art practitioners and lovers can look forward to every year.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival this year dubbed as “IIAF2021 PRE-FEST” is happening online from 12 to 20 December with the elements that will be incorporated for upcoming festival in 2021.

With the theme of “BUDI: Pemanjangan Tradisi”, “IIAF2021 PRE-FEST” hopes to inspire creativity among the artists and creating new possibilities in the arts scene.

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NOVEL Photography Exhibition
Date & Time: 12 – 20 December, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Venue: Black House PORT

“Garis Melengkung” Poetry Recital by Latiff Mohidin
Date & Time: 12 December, 11:00 AM
Venue: Black House @ PORT

“Camera Lucida” Book Discussion by Hafiz Hamzah
Date & Time: 12 December, 3:00 PM
Venue: Black House @ PORT

Video Art Exhibition
Date & Time: 12 – 20 December, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Forum: “Seni Ukiran Melayu: Paksi Seni Visual Tradisional dan Komtemporari”
by Master Woodcarver Norhaiza Nordin, Azzaha Ibrahim and Dr. Raja Iskandar Raja Halid
Date & Time: 14 December, 9:00 PM
Online via fb: IIAF2021PREFEST

Performance Lecture: “Understanding Mak Yong and Noh Motion Capture Data Comparative Analysis Through Cultural Evolution Theory”  by Shafiq Faliq (Sefa) and UDAKA Tatsushige
Date & Time: 15 December, 9:00 PM
Online via fb: IIAF2021PREFEST

Sharing Session: “Sharing the Tikar”
by Yee I-Lann & collaborators
Date & Time: 17 December, 9:00 PM
Online via fb: IIAF2021PREFEST

Sharing Session: “The Healing Art Project”
by Dr. Kamal Sabran
Date & Time: 18 December, 9:00 PM
Online via fb: IIAF2021PREFEST

Forum: “Filem, Ruang dan Rantau”
by Dr. Norman Yusoff, Dr. Mohd. Erman Maharam and Sherman Ong
Date & Time: 19 December, 2:30 PM
Online via fb: IIAF2021PREFEST

Lecture: “Kepentingan Kesenian dan Kebudayan dalam Pembangunan Negara”
by National Laureate Dato’ Baharudin Zainal (Baha Zain)
Date & Time: 19 December, 9:00 PM
Online via fb: IIAF2021PREFEST

Photographic Processing Session with Steve Tan
Date & Time: 13 December, First Session: 9:00 AM, Second Session: 2:30 PM
Venue: Black House @ PORT

Printmaking (Etching) Demonstration with Chetak 12
Date & Time: 13 December, 3:00 PM
Online via fb: IIAF2021PREFEST

Indian Traditional Dance organised by Persatuan Seni Kebudayaan India Greentown
Date & Time: 16 December, 3:00 PM
Online via fb: IIAF2021PREFEST

Projek Panggung ft Bittersweet
Date & Time: 18 December, 5:00 PM
Online via fb: IIAF2021PREFEST

“Family Dinner” (2020) by Lim Han Loong
Date & Time: 20 December, 2:30 PM
Venue: PORT
Online via

“Selama” (2020) by Ahmad Iwaz Hamdy
Date & Time: 20 December, 2:45 PM
Venue: PORT
Online via

“Rupa Hakiki” (2020) by Abro Rivai
Date & Time: 20 December, 3:00 PM
Venue: PORT
Online via

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