Nagoya Culture Promotion Unit Bilateral Visual Art Exhibition: Nagoya x Penang

The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur (JFKL) is proud to introduce “Nagoya Culture Promotion Unit Bilateral Visual Art Exhibition: Nagoya x Penang".

Now that movement is difficult due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are organising an online collaboration project so that artists and cities can interact with each other as well as an exhibition to display the outcome. We have brought together Penang Island, with its history of having developed as a free trade port, and Nagoya Port, which continues to thrive on trade, with the participation of 7 sets of artists from these 2 regions. Nagoya Culture Promotion Unit (NCPU) has been established in the 2 cities, and artworks resulting from joint research by the artists on the theme of Nagoya will be presented concurrently in Nagoya and Georgetown.

NCPU Nagoya headquarter exhibition
Date: 16 February - 13 March 2021
Venue: Minatomachi POTLUCK BUILDING 3F: Exhibition Space, Nagoya, Japan

NCPU Penang branch Office
Date: 20 February - 7 March 2021
Venue: 29, Lebuh Melayu, Georgetown, Penang.

Stay tuned as we will be sharing more updates on online events such as virtual tours, remote cooking, artists talks and many more. Don't forget to follow NCPU’s official Facebook page here!

(From Penang)
  1. Hoo Fan Chon
  2. Forrest Wong
  3. Tetriana Ahmed Fauzi
(From Nagoya)
  1. Asuka Miyata
  2. D. D. (Tetsu Imamura + Arika Someya)
  3. Takuya Yamashita
  4. Yuji Kinoshita

PERFORMANCE - Blessings from the mountains by Forrest Wong and Yuji Kinoshita
Saturday, 27 February 2021, 1:00 PM (MYT), 2:00 PM (JST) via Facebook Live on JFKL, NCPU and MAT Nagoya's Facebook. Check out the Facebook event page here.
No registration required. Like and follow our Facebook pages to get notification when the event starts.

[NEW EVENT] VIRTUAL TOUR - Introducing the artworks at Nagoya and Penang with curator and artists
Saturday, 6 March 2021, 6:30 PM (MYT), 7:30 PM (JST) via Facebook Live on JFKL, NCPU and MAT Nagoya's Facebook. Check out the Facebook event page here.
No registration required. Like and follow our Facebook pages to get notification when the event starts.
(Due to an unforeseen circumstance, the FB Live will start 30 minutes later at 6:30 PM (MYT) and 7:30 PM (MYT). Apologies for any inconvenience caused.)

  1. Follow NCPU's official Facebook page here.
  2. Check out MAT, Nagoya's Facebook page here.
  3. Visit MAT, Nagoya's NCPU website (Japanese) here.
  4. Download the pamphlet to read more about the works and the exhibition here.

Hoo Fan Chon

Born in 1982, Selangor, and currently resides in George Town, Penang. He was the co-founder and a member of an art collective – Run Amok Gallery (2012-2017). He completed his BA in Photography at the London College of Communication in 2010. He was selected as one of the Japan Foundation Asia Center Curators’ Workshop (2015-2017) participants and took part in No Man's Land Residency Project – Nusantara Archive in Taiwan (2017-2018). He participated in the 3rd edition of Makassar Biennale and had his first solo exhibition – ‘Biro Kaji Visual George Town’ in Malaysia in 2019. Recently, he co-curated ‘Bayangnya itu Timbul Tenggelam - Photographic Cultures in Malaysia’ exhibition at the Ilham Gallery, Kuala Lumpur. His practice explores taste as a cultural and social construct and how our value systems fluctuate as we migrate from one culture to another. His works often involve investigating the process of cultural translation, in which attempts to translate or assimilate were made but, at times, result in an unexpected and incoherent manner.  
Forrest Wong

Born in 1990, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, and currently resides in George Town, Penang. He completed his BA in Sculpture at the ISI Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 2018. In 2016, he co-initiated a collaborative art project called ‘art hub-P(art)Y LAB’. He was one of the finalists of ‘Bakat Muda Sezaman’ organised by the Balai Seni Visual Negara, Malaysia (2019) and in the same year, participated in the Setouchi Triennale, Japan with his art project ‘THANK UFO’. He had his solo exhibition ‘Pass By’ in Malaysia (2018) and his work was featured in the ‘Collecting Storytelling, Contemporary art from Indonesia’ group show, at Synesthesia Art Gallery, Brooklyn, New York (2019). His work focuses on the body in relation to particular objects and situations and often manifests in varied forms of expression, both ritualistic and humoristic, while critically reflecting on his own identity and condition. His work offers interpretations of life’s thresholds within the context of a shifting multicultural environment that he engages with. His body of works attempt to allure viewers through poetic atmosphere and immeasurable imagination stretching beyond boundaries or reasons, reminding them to embrace the absurd, the irrational, and the nonsensical as means to make sense of our reality.
Tetriana Ahmed Fauzi

Born in 1979, and currently resides in Penang with her husband and 11 year-old son. She graduated with a Bachelor of Honours in Fine Art from UiTM (2002). Followed by an MA in Drawing at Camberwell College of Art (2008) and Professional Doctorate in Fine Art from University of East London (2012). She teaches drawing and painting at School of the Arts, USM. Tetriana’s creative practices are presented in a myriad form of art which includes mixed media installation, digital prints, paintings and drawings.  She is interested in feminal aesthetics with crafty workmanship and embellishment. Her current endeavour is the materiality of acrylic medium and floral form. In her creative practice she marries the beguiling characteristic of flowy acrylic pigments on canvas with amalgamation of flora and fauna shapes. 
Asuka Miyata

Born 1985 in Aichi Prefecture, and currently lives in Mie Prefecture. With the concept of "making almost anything with a household knitting machine," she creates works that incorporate the ambiguity and coincidence of memory. She planned and is currently managing the Minatomachi Handicraft Club, which forms a community through handicraft culture. Her works both in Japan and abroad include "Walking in Textiles" (Aichi, 2018), "Creative Reuse of Art" (Tokyo, 2017), and "Minatomachi Handicraft Club" (ongoing) (Aichi, 2017)
D. D. (Tetsu Imamura + Arika Someya)
Artist Unit

Since 2011, the artist unit D.D. comprising of key members Tetsu Imamura and Arika Someya, has produced wandering, experience – based structures like “Outside is Bigger than Inside” with its special structure or others in which a narrative fiction draw out something that’s lurking within.

Their key works consist of:
  • "Day Eye, Night Eye" (A Roundabout Trip, Nagoya City Arts Museum, 2014), a straight maze inspired by L. Eisley where the exit is visible from the entrance but from which one cannot escape, and recreates the difference in perception between man and a nocturnal animal;
  • "48-Hour Project" (Humour and Flight, Okazaki Mindscape Museum, Aichi, 2013) where 8 individuals live in a living space (2 Makes 3 Persons) where public and private alternates thanks to a freely moving accordion wall. 
Takuya Yamashita

Born in 1985 in Mie Prefecture, and currently lives in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture.

His shows consist of:
Solo shows:
  • "Bear and Probably Indian and Mayor or Policeman and Back, other" (VOU GALLERY, Kyoto, 2020)
  • “Manta Ray” (Art Center. ongoing, Tokyo, 2020)
Group shows:
  • From the Museum Collection 2020: Third Period.” (Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, Aichi, 2020)
  • “In a Time to be Great Thinkers” (Talion Gallery, Tokyo, 2020, participated as ONTAYAMA)
  • “When It Waxes and Wanes” (vbkö, Vienna, 2020, participated as ONTAYAMA).
Yuji Kinoshita

Born in 1994 in Nara and currently based in Nagoya, Aichi.

His exhibitions consist of:
Solo Exhibition:
  • “Metamorphose” (Art Space & Cafe Barrack, Aichi, 2019)
Group Exhibitions:
  • “CLA” - Aichi Triennale University of Arts Collaborative Project, 'U 27 Professional Development Program Summer Academy 2019 "2052: A Space Odyssey"' (Art Lab Aichi / Aichi)
  • “Lagrangian Point - Telepathy - ”, (Gallery PARC, Kyoto, 2019)
  • "Extended Perception - Human Expressions and Media Art Exhibition” (Aichi University of Art Museum, Aichi, 2018)


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