Contemporary Dance Performance by Leni-Basso “Finks”

This performance is organised by The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur and co-organised by The Actors Studio Bangsar.
Finks, one of the most important works of Leni-Basso Dance Company, which established since 1994; has toured extensively since 2001 to USA, Denmark, Chile, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland and China.
“Finks” is a performance on the simple space where four small cameras are installed in four corners, against the background of two huge screens.
A stylish multimedia spectacle for the senses. Images, light, sound and space intertwine and evolve with fiery and wild movements to create a dance of speed and subtle balance. The actions of the dancers are intense, forcible, quick and violent that remind us of martial arts with full of a strained feeling.
This work was created by Ms. Akiko Kitamura who is the artistic director and choreographer of the company.
Come find out the redefinition of dance.
Date         : 25 ? 26 March 2005
Time        : 8:30pm
Venue      : The Actors Studio Bangsar
Ticket       : RM 30  RM 15 (JFKL members & students)
For further enquiries, please kindly contact The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur at 03-2161 2104 or 03-2094 0400/1400 for reservation.
 Akiko Kitamura
Artistic Director & Choreographer
She was born in Tokyo in 1970. She learned ballet, jazz dance and street dance during her youth. She studied dance theory at Waseda University and began a professional career as a choreographer in show business while still in her teens. She has choreographed many pieces for commercial films, fashion shows and plays. In 1994, she formed her own company Leni-Basso. It presented Japan in the Bagnolet Competition (Rencontres Choregraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis) and leaped to fame by evaluation there. She stayed a year in Germany as a resident artist sent by the Agency of Cultural Affairs of Japan in the following year.
In 2001, she was invited to Bates Dance Festival to create solo work, “Face-Mix”, and a short piece of collaboration with Bates Dancers for the festival. Two years later, she created a short piece for “Orchesis”, the dance company of Penn State University (US). Then, she was invited by the oldest dance festival of US, ADF (American Dance Festival). She created a new short piece with ADF dancers for a main program of the festival, “International Choreographers Commission Program”.
As a lecturer at national university, Shinshu University, she has been teaching arts since 2000.
? Whenever I was watching you, You stared at yourself
? The Crying Cherry Tree
? Blind Trip (co-produced by Saitama Arts Theatre)
? Enact Frames of Pleasure
? Long Strong Foul
? Sweeter than Sweet
? Quarterback Trace
? Re-Trace
? Slowly, Slow for Drive
? Bittersidewinder (co-produced by The Globe Tokyo Spring Festival)
? Cypher the Bootleg (co-produced by Theatre Olympics)
? Cypher the Longest Tale ver. (co-produced by Aoyama Ballet Festival)
? Quite Secant Square (co-produced by Little Asia Dance Exchange Network)
? Dread Sucker
? Cypher the Original
? Hyperbola
? Dread Sucker ? hyperbolic zone
? Finks (co-produced by Art Sphere)
? Dovetail
? Mute_Mix
? 3 Temptations (co-produced by JADE2002 international Dance Festival)
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