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Q. We are Japanese Restaurants / shopping centre and planning to have Japanese performance or Origami at our promotion event. Can JFKL send someone for us?

A. As we are publicly funded non-for-profit organization, we have priority in working with non-business organizations and events. If you are considering sponsoring our existing programs, we are open to discussion at any time. If you are considering co-hosting the event with public institutions or non-profit organizations, we may be able to work through your co-organizer.
However we still offer several useful resources: when planning your event, please use our internet resources and library to find artists or self-learn Origami. When organizing your event, please make use of our grant programs for financial support, logo support program for publicity support to our members, or cultural material loan for Japanese items. We are also happy to distribute your flier at our library and language classes without logo support if it is related to Japan.
* Our priority and target for the own-organizing event is stated here. Please also note that JFKL does not run business of managing certain public entertainer nor corporate event organizing on behalf of other organization.

Q. We are public library / museum / theatre / school / non-profit organization planning activities related to Japan. Can JFKL help us?

A. JFKL organizes Mini Cultural Festival in public and non-profit institutions especially outside KL a few times a year. We also have small exhibition material by sharing cost of transportation. Please contact Cultural Affairs Department with your proposal.

Q. Can you help us find instructor for Origami / Yukata fitting / traditional toys such as kendama?

A. For general cultural activities such as Origami, traditional toys and Yukata fitting, best way to find instructor is to ask any Japanese people arond you as these skills are usually not offered as professional service (unless you are looking for higher level professional training). There are many website which can help you self-learn these skills as well. Existing organization such as Japan Club and Associations of your local area, Japanese schools and Japanese language institutions might also be able to help.

Q. I want to learn Origami, Yukata fitting and other Japanese activities. Does JFKL offer these programs?

A. JFKL welcome School Visit to come to JFKL as a group, to experience Japanese culture including introduction of our Tatami room, or basic Japanese Language session. Please contact Japanese Language Department if you are interested in. We also have small cultural activities several times a year. Our begginer course for Japanese Language learners also have several sessions to learn Japanese culture. We travel to outside of Selangor a few times a year to hold Mini Japanese Cultural Festival especially to the area with less exposure of Japanese Culture. Please register to our Email news for most updated information, and catch these occasions!

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