The Weekend Japanese Film Show is a program organized by Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur (JFKL) regularly over 10 years with the Embassy of Japan. This program shows a Japanese movie once a month, free of charge to the public.

Together with the Faculty of Film and Video of National Academy of Arts, Culture & Heritage (ASWARA), the Weekend Japanese Film show will be held on the first Saturday of each month at Pawagam Mini of Faculty of Film and Video, ASWARA.

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12th October 2013 (Saturday), 3pm

KOMANEKO -The Curious Cat-
こま撮りえいが こまねこ
(Color / 2006 / 60min)
Komaneko’s Christmas -A lost present-
こまねこのクリスマス -迷子になったプレゼント-
(Color / 2009 / 20min)

Location : Pawagam Mini, Tingkat 3, Fakulti Filem dan Video, ASWARA (Bangunan Baru)*

Enquiry : The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur Tel. 03 2284 6228

* Map of the venue is available at the back of the flyer.
* This program may change without notice for some unavoidable reasons.


KOMANEKO -The Curious Cat-
(こま撮りえいが こまねこ)
Color / 2006 / 60min

Director: Tsuneo Goda
Original Story & Character Design: Tsuneo Goda
Animator: Hirokazu Minegishi, Tokiko Ohmukai, Mina Nohara
Cinematographer: Masafumi Nagasaka, Hiroshi Fukumi

One sunny day, female kitten Koma decides to make a stop motion film. She
begins to write the storyboards, make the stuffed toys, and draw the
background art. Before long, Koma starts making her film — shooting frame by
frame with her cute 8mm camera, and carefully checking each frame. But her
shooting is interrupted by an obnoxious fly, resulting in an unexpected accident.
Will she be able to complete her project?

Komaneko’s Christmas -A lost present-
(こまねこのクリスマス -迷子になったプレゼント-)
Color / 2009 / 20min

Director: Tsuneo Goda
Original Story & Character Design: Tsuneo Goda
Animator: Hirokazu Minegishi, Tokiko Omukai
Cinematographer: Kan Sugiki
Koma, who looks forward to seeing Papa and Mama, received a present from
them. She is delighted with the present, but there is a letter which says they
can’t return home at Christmas enclosed. Koma is so disappointed that her
firend Radi-bo comes up with interesting suggestions…
This is a heartwarming story of Christmas. This work tells the importance of
family ties.


 * Please download the flier from here for the map of the venue.

**Directed by the Film Censorship Board, some scenes of the film may have to be blocked/blurred.

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