U-Street Japanese Street Performance

This is another event held under the ASEAN-Japan Exchange Year 2003. Co-organized by

Jabatan Muzium dan Antiquiti, The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur is organizing a Japanese
Classical Street Performance presented by U-Stage from Japan.

2 performances will be held on 3rd and 4th December at Muzium Negara

The Japanese street performances includes “Seven Gods of Fortune”, Traditional Marching Band (Chindon),Lion Dance and Japanese Drumming (Taiko), juggling and others. Similar performance will be held at Kota Kinabalu and Penang.

Theatre Workshop for Children

A theatre workshop for children will also be held on 4th December (Thursday) in order to encourage children to expose themselves in acting and performing arts as well as experience Japanese Street Performance. The workshop is co-organized by Do Do Children’s Theatre and 30 children will participate in the workshop. Public audiences are most welcome.

Date: 3 Dec (Wed)
Time: 3pm-4pm

Date: 4 Dec (Thu)
Time: 11am ? 12pm

Venue: Muzium Negara

*Workshop: 4 Dec (Thu)
Time: 2pm-3.30pm
Date: 6 Dec (Sat)
Venue: Penampang Culture Centre

Date: 7 Dec (Sun)
Venue: Gaya Street Sunday Market

*Please call the Consulate for info
about time

Date: 10 Dec (Wed)
Time: 3pm- 4.30pm
Date: 12 Dec (Fri)
Time: 6pm-8pm

Venue: Prangin Mall

U-Stage ? ASEAN Tour 2003

From 5 November to 18 December 2003, they are going to tour Phnom Penh, Chieng Mai, Ho Chi Minh,
Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and Penang.

About “Chindon”

“Chindon” is the Japanese classical street performance. “Chindon-ya”, defined as “loudly dressed street musicians employed for advertising purpose”, is one of the most amenable to change. At various points in its roughly 150-year history, “chindon” has welcomed a diverse range of visual sources that include the circus clown and the kabuki actor; oratorical sources include the sumo referee, the street seller and the sideshow barker; and musical scores that include Japanese festival and theatre music, popular songs and Dixieland jazz.

About U-Stage

“U-Stage” is a theatrical group based in Nanako in West of Tokyo and which is lead by Mr. Yasushi Shimazaki following his motto. They started to perform as ” Regional Drama ” from year 1981 to 1993. However, they still emphasize in “Theatre in the Street”, where a proper stage is not a must for a performance. Besides, the essence of their play is to build the “relationship with an audience” and the venue can be anywhere. Their target audiences are not only theatre lovers but also anyone in the society and region.

They toured England, Wales, Scotland and Northern England in 2001. In 3 months they traveled to 20 cities, performed at 58 venues and organized 22 workshops. The performance has been well received and it has received the Foreign Ministry’s ” Diplomatic Award”. A column about U-Stage has also appeared in the Foreign Ministry’s Blue Papers.

Besides that, at the annual Toyama Chindon Competition, “U-Stage” received
Special Judge’s Award (2000) and Second Place (2002). In 2002, they toured
England (Plymouth) and America (Portland, ME).


Taken with the Mayor of Plymouth after receiving the
“Commemorative Shield”

Overseas Performances

May-Sept 2001

Toured England, Wales, Scotland and Northern England. Performed in many
festivals including ‘Matsuri & Children Festival’, ‘Cambridge Matsuri 2001’,
Japanese Theatre in the 21st Century, ‘Sidmouth International Festival’ etc.
This tour has received the Foreign Ministry’s “Diplomatic Award. Performed “Amateresu” with Malting Theatre.
June 2002

Toured Plymouth in England and Portland in America. They were presented a
“Commemorative Shield” by the mayor after a successful performance in Plymouth.
A workshop for twelve schools in the surrounding area won high accolades. In
America, they performed at museums, street corners and the Rose festival.

June 2003

Performed in “Festival of Hawaii”.About Yasushi Shimazaki

Mr. Yasushi Shimazaki of ” Regional Drama” for 20 years. Involved in Japanese
Directors’ Association, Pefomers Group, Member of Kazori Pottery Group and Instructor-Elec at Japan
Film School (Teacher of Acting Class).

As an instructor appointed by the Ministry of Culture, he lived in Exeter and London from September
1998 to August 1999. During his stay, he produced and performed in “The Country Far Beyond The Moon”
for English Amateur Haiku. The project was awarded the Japan Festival Award.


For any enquiry regarding the performance in Kuala Lumpur please call Mr. Anuar or Ms. Kugai at
The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur at 03-2161 2104 or email :

Contact number for Consulate-General at Kota Kinabalu: 088-254 169

Contact number for Consulate-General in Penang: 04-266 3030


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