The Weekend Japanese Film Show in September- Bushido Sixteen 武士道シックスティーン

Bushido Sixteen 武士道シックスティーン

(FURUMAYA Tomoyuki / Color / 2010 / 109min)

Date: 7th September 2013 (Saturday)

Time: 3pm

Venue: Mini Pawagam, Faculty of Film and Video, ASWARA

Admission: Free

*With English subtitles.

*Titles are subject to change without prior notice


NARUMI Riko 成海璃子
KITANO Kie 北乃きい

Kaori Isoyama is a junior high school kendo champion raised by her strict and stern father. She is undefeated until one day when she loses unexpectedly to an opponent in the same class with a saddlecloth that says, ‘Tosho Academy, Komoto.’

Six months later, Kaori enters the prestigious Tosho Academy Girls High School. On the first day of practice, she is reunited with her nemesis only her name is now Nishiogi due to her parents’ divorce. Her nemesis has changed and doesn’t even take the match seriously. Irritated and bridled, Kaori takes her nemesis to her father’s training hall and forces her to go through private lessons.

Sanae Nishiogi simply likes kendo and she does it for fun. Her scientist father had once lost a trial which consequently damaged their family life, so she has learnt not to be so concerned with winning or losing. She finds Kaori’s obsession with winning hard to comprehend. Kaori doesn’t compromise with seniors in matches and practices constantly even during lunch hour, reading Musashi Miyamoto’s “Book of Five Rings” with a dumbbell in one hand, completely isolating herself from others. Sanae becomes interested in Kaori who is the completely opposite of her and takes her out to a cake buffet and game arcade. Kaori, having never been to such places, reluctantly goes along…


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