Tenugui Pocket Tissue Case Making Workshop

You may have one or two tenugui at home as a souvenir from Japan. Tenugui are flat-woven cotton cloths with multiple colours or patterns, mostly 90 cm x 35 cm in size. They are usually explained as ?gtraditional Japanese towels?h, but may be used in many other ways; namely to wrap and cover objects, as the inner collar of a kimono (han eri), as well as decorations in households and stores. Moreover, you can transform them into a variety of other items through cutting and sewing.

At the workshop, participants learned how to turn tenugui into a portable tissue case. One full-sized tenugui can actually produce two tissue cases. The key technique lies in folding the tenugui before sewing, though some of the participants seemed to have more trouble with the latter. Despite the initial difficulty, all of them managed to make a tenugui tissue case of their own.

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