Nihongo Partners booth at Education and Career Carnival, Sabah

The Nihongo Partners (NP) dispatched to Sabah recently participated in the Education and Career Carnival which took place from 3rd to 5th May at Perkarangan Menara Tun Mustapha, Kota Kinabalu.
NP Furukawa Chihori guiding a visitor on folding a shuriken origami.

A total of 35 visitors came and visited the booth on the first day handled by Nihongo Partners Hanamitsu Yasuji, Furukawa Chihori, Oka Hiromi, and Yoshimoto Satoru. The NPs introduced Japanese culture to visitors who came by their booth through fun activities such as the art of paper folding – origami, handmade bookmark decorating and Japanese calligraphy. The NPs showed the local visitors how to fold shuriken – weapon used by ninjas – using coloured papers; decorating bookmarks with cut-paper collages arranging the small pieces into cute and cheerful designs. The visitors also had the opportunity to try out calligraphy at the booth. The handmade items are also sold for RM 1 each and the bookmark can be personalized with calligraphy of their name in Japanese written by the NPs. Despite the low traffic, the NPs had a good time communicating with all the visitors where they were able to introduce Japanese culture to them. The calligraphy activity also attracted the most visitors as they were given the chance to learn how to write using the calligraphy brush and the different strokes of the Japanese characters.
Decorated handmade bookmarks with shuriken origami.

Aside from curious visitors who are intrigued with the unique Japanese culture, some locals who have previously been to Japan or have learned the Japanese language were those who gathered at the NPs booth to spend some time interacting with the native Japanese volunteers. The NPs through JFKL were honoured to be given the chance to be an exhibitor during this event which was organized by Yayasan Sabah and hope that there are more chances to introduce Japanese language and culture to the local public in the future.
The NPs posing for a picture with visitors to the booth


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