Performance by Puppet Theatre Hitomi-za "A Story, A Bird Gave Me To Hear"

Performances by Puppet Theatre Hitomi-za ?

“A Story, A Bird Gave Me To Hear”
The Actors Studio @ BSC with the support of the Japan Foundation will present a puppet show ? “A Story, A Bird Gave Me To Hear” by Puppet Theatre Hitomi-za from Japan. Puppet Theatre Hitomi-za was founded in Kamakura city in 1948. This professional puppetry theatre have been recognized at the public competition in succession, like Tokyo Children Drama Contest and Yomiuri Children Drama Festival, and awarded the first prize, NHK prize. They made visual works, puppet shows on TV and movie, and performance activities for all over Japan. One of their works, “Hyokkori Hyotanjima” was broadcasted on NHK TV for years since 1964. It was very popular among viewers from children to adults, over the generation, and the series were remade again in 1991.“A Story, A Bird Gave Me To Hear”

Listen, a story that birds tell you.
The plentiful workings of tropical rain
Forest and nature works are
Bringing up every life
The war in this forest which occurred
A half century ago, took away a lot
Of lives of the people
And now, again, many trees in this forest are getting cut down and the nature in this forest are getting destroyed.
Listen, the story about the forest of bird and us…

Nobuko who has been a teacher of a Japanese language school in a country of Southeast Asia, were going to know about her grandpa who was told to be killed there. She met an old bird handler at a bird market who said that he knew her grandpa, and sold her a beautiful bird called “a bird eating dream” which would tell her the news about grandpa. Nobuko is going into the secluded part of a forest with the guidance of the mysterious bird….

This show describe the symbiosis of nature and human being which is getting lose in modern times, and hardness and importance of the recovery, through the animals and plants which are living the rain forest. Unsparing but beautiful wonder world that the spirit of woods, flowers and trees, birds, animals and people weave together.

Tuesday, 15 March 2005 @ 3pm & 8:30pm
Wednesday, 16 March 2005 @ 8:30pm
Venue   : The Actors Studio Bangsar
Ticket   : RM 32, RM 22 (students & senior citizens)

Please contact The Actors Studio Bangsar at 03-2094 0400/1400 or log on to their website at for details.

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