Media/Art Kitchen Kuala Lumpur

On the 5th of October art lovers and shop-goers will witness the birth of a new art show in KL. “Media/Art Kitchen ? Reality Distortion Field” is a collaboration project with over 50 artists selected by 13 curators from Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, which tours 4 countries. 2 curators from Malaysia, Adeline Ooi and Suzy Sulaiman have selected 13 media artists for the exhibition in Kuala Lumpur. The project is organized by the Japan Foundation in commemoration of the 40th Year of ASEAN ? Japan Friendship and Cooperation in 2013.

Strategically selected, MAP Publika the venue of the exhibition will invite audiences to encounter “Media Art” ? presenting ways of using media that incorporates the surrounding environment and the re-purposing of everyday tools, the exhibition will encourage the discovery of new perspectives for reviewing the media circumscribing our living environment. The lab will enable visitors to convert the inspiration they receive from the works on display into an active response, rather than simply passively consuming the exhibition.

Media/Art Kitchen ―― Reality Distortion Field

Duration  6th to 20th October, 2013  (Opening on the 5th October 2013)

Venues      Black Box, Map KL; Art Row; Plan B at Publika

Curator from Malaysia   Adeline Ooi & Suzy Sulaiman

Artists for the project in KL
13 Artists from Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam

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Oct 5- 20

Media/Art Kitchen

Kuala Lumpur


Venues:Black Box, Map KL; Art Row; Plan B at Publika
Artists: 13 Artists from Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam


10 ? 13

Sounds and Circuits

Facilitators:Goh Lee Kwang& Okui Lala (Malaysia) Venue: Art Row 54, Publika
Opening times
12 ? 6 pm Friday
3- 8 pm
Saturday & Sunday
12 ? 8 pm

Forms and Shadows

Facilitators:Fairuz Sulaiman& Kontak! (Malaysia)




Registration Fee
(pay on the day)

Registration/ booking have to be made via phone call or SMS,

For further information please contact
chamyanghui [at]
or 016-3073893

Oct 6

Experiment converting between sound and light

Facilitator:  Horio Kanta (Japan)
Time: 11:00 am ? 2:00 pm

Venue: Art Row 54, Publika
Oct 6

Touch and Moist Synthesizer(TM Synth)

Facilitator: Lifepatch (Indonesia)
Time: 3:00pm ? 5:00 pm
Venue: Black Box, Publika
Oct 7

Pixel-art with Oomleo

Facilitator: Oomleo (Indonesia)
Time : 11:00 am ? 4:00 pm
( 6 hrs including short break)

Venue: Art Row 54, Publika
Oct 9

walking around surround

Facilitator: Aida Daiya (Japan)
Time: 3:00 ? 6:00 pm
Venue: Art Row 54
Oct 13

Alternatives: Visualization, Improvisation and Narratives

Facilitator: Bani Haykal (Singapore)
Time: 3:00 ? 5:00 pm
Venue: Art Row 54, Publika
Oct 19

Form & Shadow

Facilitator: Fairuz Sulaiman (Malaysia)
Time: 3:00 ? 5:00 pm
Venue: Art Row 54, Publika


Oct 5

Artist talk by Kuwakubo Ryota (Japan)

Venue: The Bee, Publika
Time: 3:00 ? 4:30 pm
Oct 12& 13

Curator’s Walk Through with Adeline Ooi & Suzy Sulaiman

Venue: Black Box, Art Row & Plan B, Publika
Time: 11:00 am ? 12:30 pm

Single Channel

Video Screenings

Oct 8 & 9

Kelab Seni Filem Malaysia

Venue: HELP University College, Pusat Damansara, KL
Time: 8pm (both days)
Nov 24

KLEX (KL Experimental Film Festival)

Venue: Annexe Gallery, Central Market


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Artist Biography (for the KL show)


Operasi Cassava

(2012 ? ) is an ongoing project which examines Malaysia’s cultural identity through this symbolic food/ plant that has very little known facts but many subjective memories and information of this little appreciated plant. It asks how we can use this symbolic food as a tool for rethinking our past, present and future; let its smells, its tastes, its sounds intoxicate all your senses, infusing you with its past, embracing you with its present and interlocking you with its future. It is hoped that this presentation will change audience’s perception of this silent plant. The project features Lim Kok Yoong, Yap Sau Bin, Tengku Sabri, Jack Cheong and friends



(b. 1982, Petaling Jaya) combines digital and analogue formats to make music videos for local indie-bands, live video projections (VJ), animation for short films and visuals designs for stage. His VJ-oriented work includes moving visuals (often video) on large displays or screens to complement performance art, theatre productions and live music events. Exploring everyday objects is central to his creations. He recently presented Salam 1 Jepun (National Visual Arts Gallery, 2013), a cross-cultural response event based on his experience based on the JENESYS program internship with Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM] in Japan in 2012. He is the Programme Director of Digital Art + Culture (DA+C) Festival in Penang

drawing for Beberscope, 2013, 182x213x91cm Courtesy of the artist

drawing for Beberscope, 2013, 182x213x91cm
Courtesy of the artist





(b.1971) received his MA in Plastic Art and Mixed Media from Tsukuba University in 1996, and graduated from International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS) in 2001. A pioneer of Device Art, he has been creating electronics based works that explore the relationship between contrasting matters such as analog + digital, humans + machines, and information transmitters and receivers since 1998. Some of his earlier representative works include “Bitman” (created in collaboration with art unit Maywa Denki), “ShliFulin,” and “Nicodama”. His work has won prizes at ARS Electronica ? “PLX” in 2003 and “BlockJam” in 2003, as well as the Japan Media Arts Festival ? “DigitalGadget #6, 8, 9” won the Grand Prize (Art Division) in 2004 and “The Tenth Sentiment” won the Excellence Award (Art Division) in 2010. His cylindrical video game for battles, “loopScape” was nominated for “Nam June Paik Award” in Dortmund, Germany. He is also an associate professor of Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS).

(c) 2010 Ryota Kuwakubo / photo: Kioku Keizo Courtesy: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC]

(c) 2010 Ryota Kuwakubo / photo: Kioku Keizo
Courtesy: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC]



(b. 1978, Yamagata) received his MA from the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences [IAMAS] in 2007. He worked at Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM] as a domestic researcher with a grant from Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan from 2005 to 2006. His HD video portrait “sight seeing spot” was awarded a Special Prize at the Art Award Tokyo 2007. This work was nominated for one of the jury selections for the 11th Japan Media Arts Festival. His solo exhibitions include scopic measure #6 ? sight seeing spot (YCAM, 2007), A Blow to the Everyday (Osage Gallery, Hongkong, 2010) and Ogaki Biennale (Gifu, 2010). He is also a lecturer for the Faculty of Media Theories and Production of Aichi Shukutoku University.

sight seeing spot(2007) photo: Ryuichi Maruo (YCAM)

sight seeing spot(2007)
photo: Ryuichi Maruo (YCAM)


(b. 1978, Hiroshima) studied Acoustics at Kyushu Institute of Design. His performance and installation works are assembled with self-made circuits, mechanical structures and objects found around him. His works were shown in several international festivals and exhibitions including S?nar (Barcelona, 2006), Time Based Art Festival (Portland, 2007), The Kitchen (New York, 2007), International Festival for Arts and Media (Yokohama, 2009), EXIT festival (Paris, 2010), ensembles2010 (Art Tower Mito, 2010), Manifestation internationale d’art de Qu?bec (Quebec, 2012). He is also an engineer of electronic devices and interactive systems for commercial projects including installations, events, films, or prototypes.

Speed Switching, 2010, Dimension Variable  Photo: Kioku Keizo Courtesy of NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC]

Speed Switching, 2010, Dimension Variable
Photo: Kioku Keizo
Courtesy of NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC]

TAMURA Yuichiro

(b. 1977, Toyama) graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. He is currently a Ph.D candidate at the University’s Graduate School of Film and New Media. He received the excellence award at the 14th Japan Media Arts Festival in 2010 for “NIGHTLESS”, and this work has been screened internationally at The 57th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany (2011) and Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, 2011). In 2012, “NIGHTLESS ver. 6” was acquired for the public collection of Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. He is a recipient of Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists 2013 at Institut f?r Raumexperimente under the Berlin University of the Arts, Olafur Eliasson Class, and University of the Arts London.

NIGHTLESS Tokyo University of the ArtsThesis works   2010

Tokyo University of the ArtsThesis works 2010



YAGI Lyota

(b. 1980, Ehime) finished his Ph.D. without dissertation from Kyoto City University of Arts in 2012. He has taken part in international exhibitions such as Yokohama Triennale 2011 ? OUR MAGIC HOUR (Yokohama Museum of Art, 2011). A recent solo exhibition is Time Parallax (Mujin-to Production, 2013). Other important exhibitions are MOT Annual 2011 ? Nearest Faraway (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, 2011) and Akio Suzuki / Lyota Yagi (Yokohama Civic Gallery Azamino, 2010). He is based in Kyoto and is a lecturer in Spatial Design at Kyoto University of Art and Design.

Yagi Lyota, "Sound Sphere", 2011 Photo: Atarashi Ryota  Courtesy of the artist  and MUJIN-TO production

Yagi Lyota, “Sound Sphere”, 2011
Photo: Atarashi Ryota
Courtesy of the artist
and MUJIN-TO production





(estb. 2012, Yogyakarta), was founded by a group of individuals with differing disciplinary backgrounds from Yogyakarta’s active creative and academic communities. Lifepatch is an independent community-based organization. Their approach towards science and technology is rooted in art and education, to create useful and accessible knowledge for the community. It does this by developing creative and innovative methods in areas such as biological technology, environment technology and digital technology. Lifepatch culture emphasizes the spirit of DIY (Do It Yourself) and DIWO (Do It With Others) by inviting members and anyone involved to examine, explore, develop and maximize the function of technology in both practical and theoretical use for the people and their culture.

moist sense, 2012  courtesy the artist

moist sense, 2012 
courtesy the artist




NARPATI AWANGGA a.k.a oomleo

(b. 1978, Jakarta) has a degree from the Institute of Art Indonesia (ISI), Yogyakarta, majoring in printmaking. His wide-ranging activities include pixel-artist, GIF Animation artist, web & graphic designer as well as an IT & multimedia technician/consultant, radio announcer, comic artist, writer, curator, columnist, karaoke organizer, MC, hair-stylist, DJ, and band member of GOODNIGHT ELECTRIC. In 2012 he presented his first solo exhibition “bits & pix” (PLATFORM3, Bandung) and participated also in “ARTE 2013 ? Indonesian Arts Festival” (Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta) and “Archive Aid” IVAA at ARTJOG13 (Taman Budaya Yogyakarta). He is a member of ruangrupa and lives and works in Jakarta.

bits and pix, 2012, pixel’s print on acrylic base

bits and pix, 2012, pixel’s print on acrylic base




(b. 1964, Manila) studied Zoology in the University of Hiroshima and finished a degree in Philosophy from the University of the Philippines before training in film and video at the Mowelfund Film Institute. Based in Manila, he designs and mixes sound for digital features and produces video projections for stage and concerts. He also creates art works in a variety of forms and media including single-channel videos, video installations, sound installations, interactive video performances, and robotic installations. His works have been exhibited at the 20th anniversary of ISEA (2008), the Ogaki Biennale and New Media Festival (2006), Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival and the Hong Kong International Film Festival.

Selection 14344, 2009, single channel video, 3:49mins / Screen grab from video

Selection 14344, 2009, single channel video, 3:49mins / Screen grab from video





(b. 1985, Singapore) is a musician and sound artist. His work examines culture, language and the perception of sound and music. As a musician, he is a founding member of b-quartet and a member of The Observatory. Presently an Associate Artist of The Substation, Bani recently exhibited Inside the Subject at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Singapore, 2013. As a composer and performer, he has collaborated with several collectives and individuals including THE Dance Company ? Silences We Are Familiar With (Dans Fest, Esplanade Theatre Studio, 2012) and artist Ho Tzu Nyen and musician Randolf Arriola ? The Clouds of Unknowing ? Singapore premiere (Gillman Barracks, 2012).





Nitipak SAMSEN

(b.1979, Bangkok) graduated from the faculty of architecture, Silpakorn University in 2000, and later pursued a Master in Design Interactions at Royal College of Art, UK. He approaches works with experimentations that involve directly or around contemporary issues in combination with art, science, and technology as a hybrid method to provide multiple answers as opposed to the right and best one. His projects have been exhibited on numerous occasions: Coin Flipper & BuyProduct (Science Gallery, Dublin, Ireland 2009), Natural Fuse as part of Incheon International Digital Arts Festival 09 (Incheon, Seoul, Korea 2010), and Re-Pong as part of GAME exhibition (Science Gallery, Dublin, Ireland 2012). He currently works as a Designer at Haque Design + Research in UK and is extensively pursuing his experience in media/interactive.

Coin Flipper, 2009, 200×100×200mm、MDF / Spring  Photo : Theo Cook Courtesy of the artist

Coin Flipper, 2009, 200×100×200mm、MDF / Spring
Photo : Theo Cook
Courtesy of the artist



The Propeller Group

consists of Matt LUCERO (b. 1976, Upland, California), Tuan Andrew NGUYEN (b. 1976, Ho Chi Minh City), and Phu Nam Thuc HA (b. 1974, Ho Chi Minh City). The group was formed in 2006 as a creative development company specializing in experimental film, music video and original television content, as well as a cross-disciplinary collective to create large-scale art projects. The group has taken part in international exhibitions such as the 2nd Singapore Biennale (Singapore 2008), the GwangJu Biennale (Korea 2008), Video, An Art, A History (Singapore Art Museum, Singapore 2011), the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (Australia 2012), and No Country: Contemporary Art for South and Southeast Asia (Guggenheim Museum, U.S.A 2013). The group is based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Los Angeles, California.


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