Library Users Guide

How to Find Library Materials

Library material of JFKL Library is classified and arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) and Nippon Decimal Classification (NDC). Readers can search for necessary books on the open shelves through browsing or WEB OPAC or asked Librarian on duty.

  • The books in English & Malay Language are classified and arranged by the DDC.
  • The books in Japanese Language are classified and arranged by the NDC.


The library opens the membership to public who are interested to know more about the Japanese culture & language, references and researches for teaching & learning. We encourage the dissemination and sharing of information and knowledge to achieve the knowledge sharing culture throughout the community.

To obtain a library card, patron must fill out the membership form and present to the counter together with 2 passport-size photo and RM10 for registration fee (valid for 1 year). Annual membership renewal fee is RM8. RM10 will be charge for members who lost their library card (to replace library card members need to present 1 passport-size photo to the counter).

What are the benefits of becoming a library member?

  1. Read, view, listen or borrow the most informative collections.
  2. Receive our Bimonthly Newsletter “Teman Baru” or Monthly E-mail News and “Library News”.
  3. Special discount tickets available for selected events by The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur.

Visiting the Library

  1. Please sign in at the main reception of the Foundation each time you visit our library.
  2. Leave your bags and other personal belongings in a locker provided at the library entrance. A locker key is available from the library counter. Please return the key to the counter when you leave the library.
  3. Valuables should be always with you, for we take no responsibility in the case of loss or/and damage of your property.

If you visit the library with small children, please keep an eye on them. Some dangerous situation could be expected, and it is solely the responsibility of the adults accompanying them in case of accident.

Using the Library

  1. Please be considerable for other users who require a quiet environment for study. The librarian may ask you to leave our premise if we consider you are disturbing.
  2. Inappropriate behavior could include persistent chatting, mobile-telephone use, smoking, eating food, consuming alcohol, taking illegal drugs, spitting and other actions we consider annoying. In addition, small children should be under supervision of the accompanying adults.
  3. If you require some beverage and/or sweets for long stay, please make sure that your drink is in a bottle with a cap.
  4. Please use the lobby outside the library if you require a space for talk and discussion. This also applies to mobile-telephone use.
  5. A photocopy machine is available near the library entrance for non-commercial purposes. We currently charge 10 cent per copy. Please prepare small changes. We do not provide photocopying services via telephone.


Except for reference collections, most library materials are for circulation. Only members are entitled to borrow materials from the library. The following items are available for loan for 2 WEEK:

  • Circulation books.
  • Japanese language textbook and audio materials kits.

The maximum number of items that can be borrowed at one time is 5, including the audio material kits. Always present your membership card before loaning any materials.

**Reference materials; these cannot be borrowed in principle. A special case maybe made for institutional borrowers only for non-profit-making reasons with request in writing, e.g., for exhibition purposes at a school.


  • Members are allowed to extending their loaning period for another 1 WEEK only once via phone, email, online renewals or in person. Always quote your membership ID when you request for extension.
  • Unfortunately, if some other member reserves the item, an extension will not be given.

Some items, such as popular language textbooks and audio materials, are in high demand and therefore no telephone / email renewal is accepted even without reservation. These Items have a label clearly mentioning 1 WEEK ONLY.

Overdue Materials

  • Fines will be charged for overdue materials.
  • Regardless of the format, 10 cents per day per item will be charge for overdue materials.
  • Charges excluding for weekends & holidays.

Replacement Cost

When circulation materials are lost or damaged, members will be required to pay for the replacement cost.  Replacement will be the actual cost when it is known or an estimated cost of the materials.  Any loss and/or damage of library materials and facilities caused by a user must be immediately reported to the library.

Book Drop Box

After office hours or during the library closure book drop box is available outside of Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur main entrance.