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General Course 総合コース


JFKL GENERAL COURSE places focus on communicative approach in language teaching, rather than conventional teaching style that stresses more on grammar and sentence structure.

The ultimate learning objective of the course is to be able to communicate with native speakers in practical Japanese. Hence, instead of acquiring language knowledge like grammar and vocabulary, learners are expected to pick up language skills which can be used in practical situations e.g. visiting a restaurant and place order, and to connect with Japanese society.


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[UPDATED on March 5, 2019]


MARUGOTO: Japanese Language and Culture 

Our course does not focus on language alone; it places an emphasis on intercultural understanding as well. Therefore, the Japan Foundation has developed coursebook series known as “MARUGOTO: Japanese language and Culture”, based on the JF Standard.

By using the MARUGOTO coursebooks, learners now could learn both language and culture at the same time. Besides, learners also have access to the Marugoto Plus supplementary website to help them review and practice their new language skills.

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JF Coursebooks “MARUGOTO: Japanese Language and Culture”


As a student at JFKL, you shall commit yourself to the following engagements:

  1. Practice makes perfect!
    Use Japanese as much as possible inside and outside the classroom
  2. Interact with your classmates!
    Learn from your peers rather than relying on the teacher
  3. Just be yourself!
    Establish your own learning goals and develop the learning style that suits you the most


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