Koike Hiroshi Bridge Project "The Restaurant of Many Orders"


Koike Hiroshi is Back in Malaysia!

After much success of Spring Day in 2000, Spring in Kuala Lumpur 2003 and Three Sisters in 2007, acclaimed director and choreographer Hiroshi Koike is back in Malaysia with his new project. Having been described as “Physical Theatre”, the project inherits the one-and-only Hiroshi Koike style: mysterious, delusional and fun with highly skilled cross-genre artists. Being the first project after disbanding the world-recognized company Pappa TARAHUMARA, Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project explores of the world after the great earthquake of Japan, bridging people to people, past and present, crossing the boundary of different arts, media and body. The program is held in conjunction with 40th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation, presented by the Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur, jointly organized with Damansara Performing Arts Centre and Penang Performing Arts Centre. The show will travel Manila, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Delhi and Bangalore.

Koike Hiroshi Bridge Project "The Restaurant of Many Orders"

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DATE  8.30pm, 23rd October 2013 RM30 for Adults RM 15 for JFKL Members, Students, Physically-challenged, TAS / Senior Privilege Card Holders & Senior Citizens above 65 Ticket from

Damansara PAC

DATE   8.30pm 26th & 3pm 27th October 2013

RM50 for Adults RM25 for Students and members

Ticket from

The Restaurant of Many Orders by Kenji Miyazawa

The story is a known nationwide fable in Japan, and is one of Kenji Miyazawa's most famous pieces. Focused on its theme “The relationship between Human and Nature”, the show is based on this tale and composed of contemporary and traditional dance, voice, songs and masks, in order to make audience travel between world of animals and world of humans. restaurant-dance restaurant-eat
KOIKE HIROSHI and Koike Hiroshi Bridge Project

 Director, Writer, Choreographer, Stage designer, Photographer, the head of Performing Arts Institute. After working as a TV director, he started a performing arts company, “Pappa TARAHUMARA”, in 1982. He has directed 55 pieces and worked with many artists in many countries and established high reputation throughout the world.He held many important posts in various committees such as Artistic Director of Tsukuba Cultural Foundation (1997~2005), member of the Culture Promotion Committee of Aomori (1999), Chair of the Asian Performing Artists’ Forum in Okinawa, Vice Chair of Asian Arts Net (2000~2005), Specified Donation appointed member of Japan Foundation (2004~2011)

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