JAPANESE SPEAKERS FORUM - Japanese Language Core Teacher (Malaysia) Application -SECOND RECRUITMENT

Notice: All completed and endorsed applications (original copy) MUST reach JFKL by February 28, 2014.


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Japanese Language Core Teacher (Malaysia)



JFKL invites interested Japanese language teachers teaching Japanese at secondary schools in Malaysia to apply as a Japanese Language Core Teacher for the Japanese Speakers Forum Program.

Japanese Speakers Forum Program (FORUM)

The Japanese Speakers Forum is a new initiative by the Japan Foundation and the Kamenori Foundation to support the development of Japanese language education in secondary schools. The objectives of the FORUM is to

1. Develop and suggest new Foreign Language Education’s philosophy and approaches suitable to the needs of the globalized world

2. Promote a global network of NIHONGOJIN within the Secondary School Education (ie students & teachers)

3. Develop skills and mutual understanding among youth required for the globalized world

Thus, the FORUM is aimed at providing a training platform for leading Japanese language teachers with high potential from 5 ASEAN countries and Japan to meet, be exposed, adapt and perhaps develop suitable new approaches and methodologies in Japanese language education as well as a Japanese speaking environment for students to interact and learn from each other. And in the process help promote not only a mutual understanding among ASEAN countries and Japan but also forge an important network of Japanese language speakers in the region.

This program, started in 2013, is divided into 3 phases, with each phase lasting for 3 years. At the end of each phase, the organizers shall conduct an evaluation and set the course of direction for the next phase. However, there is also a possibility of discontinuing the program should the organizers felt that the program no longer meet its set objectives.

2013-2015 Phase   1 Hands-on Experience and Consideration of New Philosophy & Approaches in Foreign Language Education
2016-2018 Phase   2 Suggestion and Development of New Philosophy & Approaches in Foreign Language Education
2019-2021 Phase   3 Review the result of Phase 2 and fine tuning
Increase the number of participating countries

Each a year, a proposed number of Japanese language teachers and students from ASEAN countries and Japan shall meet at a 10-day FORUM in one of the participating countries. The participating ASEAN countries in the first phase are Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.


Japanese Speakers Forum Malaysia Workshops (MY-forum)

The Malaysian program (MY-forum) was designed to enhance the success of the FORUM by

– Preparing and selecting suitable student- and teacher-participants for the FORUM

– Exposing Malaysian teachers and students to new way of language learning

– Providing Malaysian teachers and students a meaningful platform to interact and network in Japanese

– Raising awareness and interest among Malaysian teachers and students on common Malaysian youth issues.

Thus, each year, throughout the tenure of the FORUM, MY-forum will encompass 2 self-development workshops (held before and after the FORUM) and a workshop-meeting for Japanese Language Core Teachers.


Japanese Language Core Teacher (Malaysia)

After consultation with the Ministry of Education, Malaysia, JFKL shall set up a group of 8 core Malaysian teachers to be trained under this program through its entire tenure (which is expected to end in 2021). Through its tenure, JFKL will provide the necessary support (including training) and guidance to this core group. Each year, 2 teachers from this group shall be selected to represent Malaysia at the 10-day FORUM. The FORUM shall be held in Malaysia or any one participating countries.

It is expected that each core teacher shall develop his/her own expertise during the tenure and shall the resource or referral teacher to other Japanese language teachers in the region. JFKL is currently working with the Ministry of Education Malaysia to give due recognition to these teachers at the end of the program.


Roles and Responsibilities of the Core Teachers

During the tenure, the 8 teachers are expected to

1. Assist JFKL in conducting programs, activities, workshops that are related to or expansion of the MY-forum/FORUM program, which include (but not limited to)

a) Selection of students to participate in the 10-day FORUM

b) Pre- and Post-care for participating Malaysian students

2. Represent Malaysia to attend and fully participate in the 10-day FORUM if selected to do so as well as to chaperon Malaysian students attending the FORUM;

3. Attend and fully participate any meetings or workshops related to MY-forum;

4. Plan and conduct action research on area(s) of interest with guidance from JFKL and present its findings at conferences and seminars. (Joint action research with fellow teachers from Malaysia or other participating countries would be very much encouraged.); and

5. Conduct workshops and seminars for Japanese language teachers, initially with guidance from JFKL;


Selection Criteria of the Core Teachers

1. Malaysian teachers teaching Japanese at secondary schools who are interested to be trained under this program and be able to commit to stay with the program until 2021 (unless the program is terminated earlier);

2. The teacher should be passionate and active in promoting the learning of Japanese language and culture within and outside the school;

3. Ideally, the teacher should be

a) Proactive and creative

b) Able to (or have the desire to) reflect, analyze, resolve issues related to Japanese language education

c) Willingly to conduct action research and share their findings, knowledge, experiences with others

d) Able to accept criticism positively.

e) Able to communicate in Japanese confidently and fluently. (A minimum level of JLPT N3 or its equivalent. N4 may be considered if the teacher is proved to be an excellent candidate.

4. He or she should be below the age of 43 (as of December 2014), in good health and be able to

a) Represent Malaysia and fully participate in the 10-day Forum, when selected or asked to

b) Act as chaperon to Malaysian students who are participating at the same 10-day Forum


Application Procedure

1. Download the application form. Complete and get it endorsed by the school principal before submitting the original form to:-

The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur
18th Floor, Northpoint, Block B
Mid-Valley City, No 1, Medan Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

 2. Closing Date is February 28, 2014

3. Teachers shortlisted for the Selection Interview will be notified by March 5, 2014 via email. They will be also asked to a short assignment to be presented at the interview

4. The interview will be held March 11 – 13, 2014 at JFKL office or via skype. Expense incurred while attending the interview will be borne by the candidates themselves.
The interview shall be conducted by representatives from JFKL and Ministry of Education, Malaysia

5. Result of the Interview will be announced on Mar 28, 2014.


For clarification or further enquiry, please contact Mr Edward Lee at


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