JFF 2019
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Klang Valley
GSC Mid Valley
GSC Pavilion KL
GSC 1 Utama
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GSC Paradigm JB
GSC CityONE Megamall
Kota Kinabalu
GSC Suria Sabah
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  1. Klang Valley
    5 – 11 September
  2. Penang
    12 – 15 September
  3. Johor Bahru
    19 – 22 September
  4. Kuching
    3 – 6 October
  5. Kota Kinabalu
    3 – 6 October



Music! Music! Music!

This year’s Japanese Film Festival presents a special feature on music movies "Music! Music! Music!" with 3 selected titles that will make you feel like singing along in the cinema!

Inspired by the hit songs of MONGOL800, "Little Love Song" tells a story about a high school band in Okinawa, while powerful vocal of SHIBUTANI Subaru and NIKAIDO Fumi’s charm shine in "La La La at Rock Bottom". "Farewell Song" starring 3 up-and-coming actors in Japanese cinema today is a road movie of a female indie duo

Datanglah ramai-ramai and let’s have fun together!

Farewell Song

Farewell Song

2019 | P13 | 117 mins | Drama, Music

A female duo band Haru-Reo which gained popularity with their indie music decided to disband despite their success. After deciding the break-up of the unit, together with their roadie, Shima, they set out on a road trip for their final tour together and as they travel across the country, they realize the scars they created to each other can be only healed on the stage.

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Little Love Song

Little Love Song

2019 | P13 | 124 mins | Youth, Music

A high school band is popular in their small hometown in Okinawa. The band belts out original pop songs with such energy and precision that they have fired up the passions of all who see them including the attention of a Tokyo record label scout bent on producing them. As the band members enjoy the happiest days in their young lives with full of hopes, a tragedy takes place, destroying their hopes and spirit. Then, a girl who lives on the U.S. army base suddenly appears with a demo tape of a song.

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La La La at Rock Bottom

La La La at Rock Bottom

2015 | P13 | 104 mins | Drama, Music

As a band plays for a crowd in a certain town square in Osaka, a young man rushes to the stage, grabs the microphone and begins to sing. The crowd is blown away by his vocal, but soon the band manager Kasumi discovers that he has no memory of his own life. Kasumi becomes interested in working with him anyway, and gives him the nickname "Pochi-O". Before long, Pochi-O is accepted as the lead vocalist of a band, but a major problem from his past will soon come back to haunt him.

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