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Her Sketchbook (世界は今日から君のもの/ Sekai wa kyo kara kimi no mono)


Mami doesn't have a job and is closed off in her own world. Her father Eisuke struggles to strike the right distance from her and worries about her future, so he finds her a job debugging videogames. She silently plays videogames for a job that wasn't supposed to involve talking with anyone, but things don't go as planned.

Mami rarely leaves home since she dropped out from middle school. She has been escaping reality by immersing herself in copying her favorite manga and illustrations in her room full of books and comics. Her father, Eisuke, worries a lot about her ever since he divorced with her mother, Mika.

One day, Eisuke finds Mami a part-time job as a video game tester to find and report bugs in the company’s products. She accepts, thinking she can stay isolated from other people, until her colleague, Ryotaro, finds out her talent for drawing pictures.

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Original story about the maturation of an awkward girl as she ventures into the outside world. Directed by Ozaki Masaya, who helmed Rendez-vous! and has scripted numerous TV dramas and films.

Director OZAKI Masaya and actress Mugi Kadowaki previously worked together in 2014 Fuji TV drama series "Black President"


Year 2017
Runtime 107 mins
Language Japanese
Subtitles English
Country Japan
Genre Drama


  • KADOWAKI Mugi - ONUMA Mami


  • OZAKI Masaya – Director / Screenplay
  • MIYAKE Harue – Producer