Japanese Culture Session Yukata Wearing Workshop

In June, a yukata wearing workshop was conducted by the Japanese Language Department in conjunction with Bon Odori. JFKL students as well as their friends were taught how to dress themselves in the summer kimono. As guidance was delivered primarily in Japanese, the workshop offered an opportunity to simultaneously enjoy both language and culture.

Participants were spoiled for choice with the wide range of designs and colours. Once they have selected their preferred yukata, Tomoko Tabuchi, a certified kimono dressing instructor, then helped them choose an obi (sash) that matches the garment?fs hues. It was no easy task putting on a yukata properly but the abundance of joyful exclamations and cheery smiles proved that difficulty was no barrier to fun.

Towards the last half hour, Ms. Tabuchi introduced several points of etiquette that the Japanese people observe when venturing out in traditional attire. Of course, no yukata workshop is complete without a group photo session.

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