Japanese Culture Session Japanese Tea Seminar

Green tea is the main type of tea produced and consumed in Japan. Although matcha (finely grounded power of processed green tea) may be more prominent in Malaysia, its leafy sister sencha is in fact the most common variety of Japanese green tea and is the one that is most likely to be served when visiting a Japanese home.

In an effort to promote a deeper understanding of Japanese language and culture, the Japanese Language Department held a seminar on the beverage for our students and other learners last August.

SUGIYAMA Ami, the tea master for the day, began the two sessions with a short talk about Japanese tea before proceeding to illustrate the proper techniques of preparing sencha. She revealed that sencha brewing is relatively free of rules as opposed to sado (Japanese tea ceremony), which is steeped in ritual. Therefore, anyone can enjoy sencha in whatever way they prefer.

After observing the demonstration, participants attempted to infuse their own cups. A piece of ohagi (a traditional Japanese confection) was also served to provide a sweet finish to their enriching experience.

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