RAKUGO in English 「英語落語」 A Japanese Traditional “Sit-down” Comedy

Japan Airlines 40th Anniversary Special

RAKUGO in English 「英語落語」
? A Japanese Traditional “Sit-down” Comedy

A-must-see RAKUGO in English will be back again to amuse Malaysians with their “Japanese sense of humour.” Are you doubtful on it? Then you have to come and watch it with your own eyes!

RAKUGO or described as Japanese traditional “Sit-down” comedy, is the monodrama with funny stories. Having its origin in 16th century and established during Edo era (17-18th century), RAKUGO has been verbally passed down through one generation to another.

The performances in Kuala Lumpur in 2002, 2003 and 2005 had brought a lot of laughter to Malaysian audiences. Reflect to the very well response of the previous performances, The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur brings them again to Malaysia to introduce completely brand new funny stories which will be performed in English.

This event is organised by The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur with the support of Japan Airlines.

Date & Time: 

18 (Sat) August 2007 @ 3pm (performed in Japanese) & 8:30pm
19 (Sun) August 2007 @ 3pm

The Actors Studio@BSC
Level 3, West Wing, Bangsar Shopping Centre

RM30, RM15 (JMB Members, JFKL Members, Students, Disabled & Senior Citizens) 
available at The Actors Studio@BSC box office 03-2094 0400

The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2161 2104

Date & Time: 17 August 2007 (Fri), 8:45pm
Venue: Dewan Budaya in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)
Admission: FREE

* Reservation is required due to limited venue capacity
** Reservation number will be given upon your call
*** Walk in patrons will be accommodated if space allows

Reservation: Tel.: 04-653 3888 ext. 3621/4319 Pusat Pengajian Seni, USM

What is RAKUGO 落語?

RAKUGO, Topper Story in literal meaning, is the Japanese traditional comedy monodrama. Performers sit on a small mattress in front of the audience and act out stories with a comic style and structure. In RAKUGO, the performer can be a narrator, but usually performs the actual characters in the story. These characters converse without a narrator coming between them. The challenge for the performer is switching from one distinct character to another. Each character represents exaggerated aspects of the human personality, which we can all readily related to. The predicaments, which they find themselves in, are part of everyday life.


Shofukutei Kakushow

Started his career as a Rakugo performer in 1984 under, Shofuketei Shokaku, one of Rakugo masters. His original style of “puppet Rakugo” has gathered his popularity. Montreal International Comedy Festival invited Kakushow as the first Japanese artist for the festival. Now, he is based in London and travelling around the world with his repertoires.

Hayashiya Hikoichi

He became a professional Rakugo performer in 1989. His original and unique style of story telling has been popular in Tokyo. Also known as a storywriter. He has started performing Rakugo in English in 2005. He has won Rakugo Performance Award in 2000 and 2004.

99 Rakugo in English 17 Aug 2007 Katsura Asakichi

Started his career as a Rakugo performer in 1993. He is a pupil of Katsura Kiccho. His main concentration is performing classic Rakugo in the traditional style. His other professional skills are Japanese music instruments, and Japanese dance. He won a prize of NHK Comedy Performance in 1999.

99 Rakugo in English 17 Aug 2007 Hayashiya Kazume

HAYASHIYA KAZUME (Shamisen) 林家 和女
Started her career as a Shamisen (Japanese three-stringed lute like musical instrument) player in 1981. She mainly plays for Rakugo shows. Her sister is also one of very few female Rakugo Performers.

99 Rakugo in English 17 Aug 2007 Oshima Kimie

Dr. OSHIMA KIMIE (MC / Producer) 大島 希巳江
She is a sociolinguist and an associate professor at Bunkyo Gakuin University, as well as producer and performer of English Rakugo since 1996. She produces world tour every year and has visited more than 20 countries for the performance.

Rakugo Poster 2007

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