[APPLICATION CLOSED] Young Director for International Street Dance Creation

The application window has closed. We are no longer accepting entries.

DANCE DANCE ASIA is on the search for a young, visionary director to bring about exciting and unique possibilities in dance creation.

Having successfully showcased Japan’s wealth of street dance talent across Southeast Asia in 2015, the project now looks towards the prospect of producing entirely new works of street dance to be performed on stage. Application is open for individuals interested in joining this year’s programme and heralding a new wave of theatre-based street dance.

Deadline for application is 11 May, 2016, 4.30 p.m.

Project details

? We seek to create a short street dance-based piece to be performed in a theatre setting. The creative process will be a joint effort between Southeast Asian and Japanese participants.

? We anticipate the creation of three dance pieces by three directors and involving approximately 18 dancers from Japan and Southeast Asia.

? Each piece will feature six dancers. However, these basic conditions are subject to change.

? Each piece will be between 20 and 30 minutes in length.

? The creative process lasts for a total of six weeks, two weeks each time on three occasions. The location will be the country of one of the participants. Final performances will be held in Tokyo from the 9?11 December, 2016. All artistes must be able to commit their time from the third week of November till the second week of December, a period that includes the third rehearsal lasting two weeks. The rest of the rehearsal schedule will be determined upon selection of the director and dancers.

? The project is fully supported by The Japan Foundation Asia Center.

? Selection of the director will be done by The Japan Foundation Asia Center and its co-organisers in Japan.

Selection criteria

We are looking for a director who…

? Can present an appealing and engaging street dance piece for theatre audiences. The director need NOT to have training or experience in street dance.

? Can commit to the whole duration of the project:
? Four weeks of creation, divided into two occasions of two weeks each
? Two weeks of finishing creation, followed by bump-in and final performances at a Tokyo theatre on 6?11 December, 2016

? Demonstrates the distinctive ability to work with dancers from different backgrounds and cultures.


Organised by The Japan Foundation Asia Center, the project aims to promote knowledge exchange and collaboration between street dancers in Asia. Since its inception in 2015, 14 Japanese troupes have conducted performances and workshops in seven Southeast Asian countries, culminating in a series of shows in Tokyo that involved the entire line-up and three ASEAN groups. Cumulatively, they have attracted an audience of more than 10,000 people.

For more info, visit the official website.

About The Japan Foundation Asia Center

The Japan Foundation is Japan′s principal institution dedicated to carrying out comprehensive international cultural exchange programmes throughout the world. The Asia Center, established within the Japan Foundation in April 2014, is a specialised unit with the goal to connect people, expand networks, and develop cultural programmes across Asia. Through projects in such diverse fields as music, theater, film, sports, Japanese language education and other academic exchanges, the Asia Center, in cooperation with the Foundation’s overseas offices, pursues and supports various forms of activities between Asian communities.

For more info, visit the official website.


Mr. Yutaka Nakajima, The Japan Foundation Asia Center
yutaka_nakajima [at]

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