MAJAS Member Lecture Series: The Role Of Malaysia in Globalization Of Japanese Language Education In The Asean Region

MAJAS Member Lecture Series: The Role Of Malaysia In Globalization Of Japanese Language Education In The Asean Region

Date: 14 October 2019
Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Venue: Bilik Seri Amar, Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication, Universiti Putra Malaysia.
Admission: FREE (Lecture will be in dual languages; Japanese and English)

Globalization of Japanese language education around the world is growing rapidly from year to year. The number of Japanese language learners in Asean countries exceeded 1 million. Japanese language education in Malaysia has also shown encouraging developments, especially at the secondary school level. 2017 Japan Foundation Report stated that the number of Japanese language learners in Malaysia amounted to 33,224 students, with 430 teachers and 176 institutions offering Japanese language education. Along with that, in September 2015, the international symposium of Japanese language education with the theme "Role of Japanese Language Education in Southeast Asia: Network Connected with Global Human Resource" has made its own history as representatives from 9 Asean countries have met in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The result of the symposium's discussion focuses on the importance of building academic collaboration not only among Japanese language lecturers and teachers, but also establishing networking between educational institutions and also opening opportunities for students to participate in global activities and mobility programs among Asean countries. In order to foster and enhance cooperation in developing Japanese language education, Malaysia has the potential to play a role with other countries in the Asean region.


Dr. Zaid bin Mohd Zin, PhD is a Senior Lecturer in Department of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). Prior to this, he was a lecturer at Ambang Asuhan Jepun, Center for Foundation Studies in Science, University of Malaya (UM) since 1993. He obtained a Professional Certificate of Teaching Japanese from Japan Foundation Japanese Language Institute, Japan. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from Shizuoka University, Master of Letters (MLett) through Nagoya University and his Doctor of Letters (Ph.D) in Japanese Language Studies from Aichi Gakuin University, Japan. The title of his doctoral thesis was "A Comparative Study of Vocabulary based on Bunruigoihyo (Japanese Thesaurus): Focus on the Japanese and Malay Language Education Fundamental Vocabulary". He has more than 25 years of experience in Japanese language teaching and education. Have produced many writings and publications in academic journals, chapters in books and Japanese language translation books. He also become an academic supervisor for the masters and doctoral level, editors and assessors for Japanese language journals and articles. He was also appointed as chairman of the Japanese language textbooks appraisal panel sponsored by the Malaysia Ministry of Education. He is also frequently invited as a speaker and panelist at an international conference organized by Japanese language associations in several countries such as Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia. His latest publication is a translation of the book "Hang Tuah: Catatan Okinawa" into Japanese language, published in collaboration with Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Institute of Translation and Book Malaysia (ITBM) and Japan Malaysia Association (JMA) in November 2018 in Tokyo, Japan.




ザイド・ムハマド・ズィン博士(文学)は、現在マレーシアプトラ大学(UPM)の現代言語コミュニケーション学部外国語学科の上級講師。それ以前、1993年からマラヤ大学日本留学特別コース予備教育部で日本語専任講師。静岡大学卒業、名古屋大学大学院修士課程修了、愛知学院大学より博士号取得。博士論文の題目は、「『分類語彙表』による語彙の比較研究―日本・マレー両言語の教育基本語彙を対象に―」。氏は日本語教育において25年以上の経験。学術雑誌・書籍の章・日本語の翻訳本などで数多くの出版物を作成。氏はまた、大学院レベルの学術的な指導、ジャーナル・記事の編集者・評価者にも。マレーシア教育省主催の日本語教科書鑑定委員会の委員長にも任命。氏はまた、日本、ベトナム、インドネシアなどのいくつかの国で日本語協会が主催する国際学会で講演者およびパネリストとして頻繁に招待。最新の出版物は、2018年11月に東京でマレーシアのプトラ大学とマレーシア翻訳出版協会(ITBM)と日本マレーシア協会(JMA)との共同で出版された本「Hang Tuah:Catatan Okinawa」の日本語訳。


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