Japanese Films & Workshop [PENANG]

In collaboration with The Star Pitt St. and Think City, we will be bringing our wildly-popular handicraft workshops and free film screenings to our friends up north. Delve into the world of tsumami-zaiku and walk away with your very own flower-shaped accessory, before completing your cultural experience with a couple of cinematic treats from Japan.

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Date: 9 April, 2016
Venue: The Star Pitt St., 15, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, 10200 Penang
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Tsumami-Zaiku Handicraft Workshop
2.00 p.m.–4.00 p.m.
Participation: RM20/pax, limited to 15 pax


Tsumami-zaiku (tsumami = pinching, zaiku = craftsmanship) is the traditional technique of pinching small, square-cut pieces of cloth to produce a flower-shaped hair accessory. At this workshop, we will be making a flower pin/clip that can be worn on your hair, dress or scarf.

Screening of “The Blue Bird”
4.00 p.m.–6.00 p.m
Admission: Free, limited to 40 pax

BlueBird_keyvisual (copyrighted)

A substitute teacher named Murauchi takes over a troubled class for a semester, which is trying to move on from the shock of a bullied student’s suicide attempt. Murauchi’s daily acknowledgement of the incident—in spite of his own ridiculed stutter—snaps the rest of the school out of their complacency and forces them to reflect on their actions. Nobody is happy about him reopening old wounds, especially Shinichi, who is guilt-ridden after being identified as one of the tormenters in the suicide note.

Based on award-winning author Shigematsu Kiyoshi’s novel, this quiet drama explores the age-old topic of bullying, shedding light on Japanese society’s behaviour and approach to the problem.

Screening of “Robo-G”
7.00 p.m.–9.00 p.m
Admission: Free, limited to 40 pax

Robo-G_main-medium - Copy

Three engineers at Kimura Electrical Company are in a bit of a sticky situation: their president has ordered them to build an android for an upcoming robotics fair. Pressed for time, they make the drastic decision of hiring the elderly, attention-seeking Suzuki to inhabit their creation’s shell and save their jobs. His performance was a huge success, forcing them all to go on tour and keep up the lie, a task made all the more difficult by Suzuki’s incessant demands and considerable scrutiny by a science student.

Hailed in Japan as one of the year’s most hilarious comedies, Shinobu Yaguchi’s laugh-a-minute blockbuster strikes the right mixture of humour and serious questions about the future of automation.

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