Japanese Film Festival in Northwest Malaysia, 2018


The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur together with Consulate-General of Japan in Penang is happy and excited to announce that Japanese Film Festival is coming in Northwest Malaysia.

This 1 day event ( for each state ) will took place in

  1. a) Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman ( Perak )
  2. b) Universiti Utara Malaysia ( Kedah )
  3. c) Universiti Sains Malaysia ( Penang )
  4. d) Universiti Malaysia Perlis ( Perlis )

3 films screened at each venue are Seto and Utsumi, When The Curtain Rises and The 100th Love With You. All the films are with English subtitles.

Admission free, Registration is not required.

Check out the event details and movie information below. We are all looking for your attendance!


A)Event Details


10:00 Opening remarks

10:30 Seto & Utsumi

11:45 Booth tour & Lunch break

13:15 When The Curtain Rises

15:15 Break

15:45 The 100th Love With You

17:50 Closing remarks

For further enquiries, please contact Miss Yi Xin via email at




10:15 Opening remarks

10:45 When The Curtain Rises

12:45 Break & Booth activity

13:45 Seto & Utsumi

15:00 Break & Booth activity

16:00 The 100th Love With You

18:00 Closing remarks

For further enquiries, please contact Ms Fatimah Azzaharah at 017-7615095



8:30 Registration of attendees

9:15 Speech/Photo session with VIP

9:30 Seto & Utsumi

10:45 Break

11:00 When The Curtain Rises

1:00 Break

2:00 The 100th Love With You

4:00 Closing remarks

For further enquiries, please contact Ms Shafinaz (04-653 6768) or email at (



8:45 Opening remarks

9:00 When The Curtain Rises

11:00 Lunch Break ( Yukata try-on )

12:45 The 100th Love With You

14:45 Break ( Origami workshop )

15:45 Seto & Utsumi

17:00 Closing remarks

For further enquiries, please contact Ms Stephanie (019-3211491) or Ms Aishah (013-4748304)


*The above programs may change without prior notification.


B)Film information




Seto and Utsumi(セトウツミ)

OMORI Tatsushi・2017・75 min・Comedy, Youth (P13)

2nd-year high school students Sou Utsumi and Shokichi Seto spend their days after school just hanging out and talking beside a dry riverbed. Though Utsumi and Seto have opposite personalities, they enjoy playing stupid word games, fretting over just what words to use when texting the girls they like, and having deep conversations. The two of them never seem to run out of things to talk about. The only other person who watches over them is their classmate Ichigo Kashimura. Seto has a crush on Kashimura, but she likes Utsumi, who acts as though he is not interested. Sometimes other people make waves in their small circle, like the delinquent older student Naruyama and the strange balloon artist. The seasons keep changing as they while away the hours, and Seto and Utsumi never stop talking about nothing at all.

Photo credit :   (c) 2016 “SETO & UTSUMI” Film Partners
                 (c) Kazuya Konomoto (Akitashoten)


When the Curtain Rises(幕が上がる)

MOTOHIRO Katsuyuki・2015・119min・Drama, Comedy (P13)

An adaptation of HIRATA Oriza’s play by “Bayside Shakedown” series director MOTOHIRO Katsuyuki. The members of idol group, Momoiro Clover Z, star as high school students who grow through their involvement in a lowly drama club. Among their co-stars is KUROKI Haru, who won a Silver Bear for Best Actress at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2014 for her performance in The Little House.

Fujigaoka High School’s drama club has never made it past the preliminaries in regional competitions. Under the tutelage of Ms. Yoshioka, known as “the queen of school theater,” the determined Saori and her fellow clubmates band together in the hope of making the national championship.

Photo credit : (c)2015 O.H・K/F・T・R・D・K・P


The 100th Love with You(君と100回目の恋)

TSUKIKAWA Sho・2016・116min・Drama, Romance (P13)

Musically lavish portrayal of the romance between a woman who dies in an accident and her childhood friend who repeatedly goes back in time to save her. Singer-songwriter miwa plays the heroine and wrote the love song at the center of the story. Up-and-coming actor SAKAGUCHI Kentaro plays her childhood friend.

Aoi gets in an accident and finds herself one week in the past when she regains consciousness. Her childhood friend Riku says he went back in time to save her. But, Riku’s time traveling involves a big secret.

Photo credit : (c)2017 "The 100th Love with You" Film Partners





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