EYES Project in Philippines and Japan [Calling for Application]

The Japan Foundation Asia Center is calling for application for EYES for Embracing Diversity: Multicultural Coexistence and Art. Application deadline is 19 July 2019.

This project is a 13-day study program designed to understand the Multicultural Coexistence among Asian countries. Participants of the EYES project or known as EYES fellows are mid-career leaders who facilitate multicultural diversity in their respective countries in Asia. In 2019, the EYES project will take place in the Philippines and Japan and will give the EYES fellows various opportunities to understand multicultural coexistence in both countries. The project will also hold workshops utilising artistic methods in order to raise public awareness of diversity. Moreover, the EYES project aims to create a network among the fellows, and provide the fellows with an understanding of multicultural diversity resulting from the world phenomena of “human mobility” in both the Philippines (e.g. aspect of labor exports) and Japan (e.g. aspect of labor imports). After completion of the EYES project, we hope that each fellow will be able to utilize their learnings from the project to take positive actions in their own society.

The EYES Project 2019 takes place in both the Philippines and Japan. Through site visits and dialogues among fellows during the program, the EYES fellows will be able to deepen their understanding of the current situation of “Human Mobility” and implementation of “Multicultural coexistence” in both countries. While we focus on an aspect of labor export in the Philippines, conversely, labor import will be examined in Japan. In addition, as a practical learning, the project will invite artists and hold workshops using art method to showcase alternative ways of facilitating multicultural coexistence.

(1) Date of the program: October 9-21, 2019 (13 days)
(2) Venue: Philippines and Japan
(3) Tentative schedule
Day1 Arrival in Manila Orientation Philippines
Day2 Philippines program 1
Day3 Philippines program 2
Day4 Philippines program3 Japan
Day5 Fly to Japan (Haneda)
Day6 Orientation Lecture 1,2 (Tokyo)
Day7 Japan program (Tokyo) (Tokyo)
Day8 Japan program (Tokyo) (Tokyo)
Day9 Japan program (Tokyo) Tokyo to rural area (Tokyo/TBC)
Day10 Japan program Rural area (TBC)
Day11 Return to Tokyo Preparation for a reporting session (Tokyo)
Day12 Preparing for a reporting session Reporting session (Tokyo)
Day13 Departure

  1. Application Form
  2. Programme Guidelines

All the following application documents should be submitted to the Japan Foundation Asia Center via email by 19 July 2019.
  1. The Application Form for the EYES for Embracing Diversity 2019
    The form must be completed electronically. After completing the form, print out a copy and physically sign the form (electronic signatures are also accepted). Send back the scanned copy (in PDF format).
  2. Photocopy of the Applicant’s Passport
    Attach a scanned copy of the photo page of the applicant’s passport. If the applicant does not have a valid passport, they must immediately obtain a passport and submit the photocopy of the photo page as soon as they are selected to participate in this program.
  3. Applicant’s Portrait Photo
    Attach the applicant’s digital portrait photo, taken within the last 3 months. Please note that selfies will not be accepted.
★ Selection interview might be arranged by the Japan Foundation.
★ Selected candidates will be informed about their participation by mid-August.

The 13 fellows of the EYES project will come from fields of relevant practice in order to promote multicultural coexistence in their countries.

Criteria for Participants:
A) Geographical criteria:
Are nationals of (or permanent resident of) Indonesia, Philippines, India, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Cambodia
B) Number of the participants from each country:
Indonesia (2), Philippines (2), India (2), Thailand (2), Japan (2), Malaysia (1), Myanmar (1), Cambodia (1)
C) Eligible applicants:
Individuals who are working for NGOs/government agencies or artists to implement multicultural coexistence.
Preferably, providing support for (e.g. foreign workers, immigrants, refugees, marriage migrants, International students) and:
  • Individuals who are interested in art-related implementation (e.g. visual arts, contemporary dance, drama …)
  • Individuals who understand the intent of the EYES project and have the experience and competence to work with other participants
  • Individuals between the age of 25 and 40, in principle, who hold a leading position in their organization
  • Individuals who are competent to propose/implement a project using the EYES method OUTCOME
  • Individuals who have a good working knowledge of English
  • Individuals who can participate in both the Philippines program and the Japan program.
In good health
i. Chronic Diseases In principle, applicants who suffer from chronic diseases are not allowed to participate in the program. Chronic diseases include: chronic lung disease (asthma, chronic obstructive lung diseases etc.), immunodeficient state, chronic heart disease, metabolic disease (diabetes), renal dysfunction, obesity, etc.
ii. Pregnancy Pregnant applicants will not be accepted to participate in this program in the interest of the applicant’s health.
iii. Body Temperature If a participant’s body temperature is 38.0℃ or higher on the day of departure, he/she will not be eligible to participate.

After the notification of selection results, EYES fellows will be provided with a tentative schedule for the program and Participant’s Handbook for the EYES project 2019. Prior to participation in the EYES program, an orientation session will be arranged by the Japan Foundation. All fellows are strongly encouraged to participate in the session.

(1) Arrangements and Expenses covered by the Japan Foundation
  • Transportation costs (Return economy class airfare, domestic travel costs, travel cost in both Philippines and Japan)
  • Meals and accommodation during the program
  • Overseas travel accident insurance
(2) Prohibited Actions Participants will not be allowed to do the following:
  • Remain in Japan after the program’s conclusion
  • Change flights after being issued
  • Be accompanied by someone not participating in the program
  • Leave the program before its conclusion
  • Travel to a third country when flying to Philippines or from Japan
(3) Other conditions
  • Participants will be accommodated in shared room with other participants.
​​​The Japan Foundation Asia Center will try its best to meet dietary requirements, however, please understand that this may not always be possible.

Personal information collected under the EYES project 2019, including photographs and videos taken by the Japan Foundation during the program, shall be managed in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Law. The Japan Foundation Asia Center may provide personal information to a third-party, such as travel agencies or other cooperating organizations, in order to operate and report the program. Personal information will not be used for any other purpose.

Questions relating to the EYES project 2019 should be emailed to Japan Foundation at Please include “EYES project” as the subject heading.

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