Japanese Film & Workshop in Penang [JULY 2016]

This event is held in collaboration with The Star Pitt St. and Think City.

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Date: 9 July, 2016 Venue: The Star Pitt St., 15, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, 10200 Penang

Tenugui Pocket Tissue Case Making Workshop Time: 3.00 p.m.5.00 p.m. Participation: RM20.50/pax, limited to 15 pax. Register at


Tenugui is a traditional Japanese towel that has a smooth texture and can therefore be used for various purposes other than drying. The endless assortment of patterns―from fun interpretations of everyday items to artistic designs―makes tenugui fun to collect!

Screening of “Fireworks from the Heart” Time: 7.00 p.m.9.00 p.m. Admission: Free, limited to 40 pax. Register at

main (copyrighted)

High school student Hana returns home from the hospital following six months of treatment for acute leukaemia only to find that her older brother has become a social recluse. Determined to draw Taro out of his isolation, she gets him involved in the world-famous Katakai Fireworks Festival, which Hana had fond memories of attending years ago. When she suffers a relapse, Taro exerts more effort into breaking out of his shell and fulfilling his sister’s wishes.

Inspired by true events in post-earthquake Niigata, the film offers a tender look at a family dealing with crisis, as well as the phenomenon of hikikomori―an affliction associated with individuals who completely shut themselves off from the world.

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