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[UPDATE: January 2021]
The two selected proposals realised from this Curatorial Workshop
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JFKL Curatorial Workshop: The Exhibitions

The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur (JFKL) is calling for applications to a Curatorial Workshop in February 2020. It is a program aimed to enhance expertise in curating contemporary art and related platforms (cinema, performance, architecture, music, festivals, etc).

Participants are required to present an exhibition/art project proposal at the workshop and two selected participants will receive a grant to organize the proposed exhibition/art project in June/July, 2020 in Malaysia.

Era / Errata:
Beyond the 2020s of Our Memories

Across Malaysia, Southeast Asia and elsewhere, it appears we are living through an era shaped by multiple currents and forces – a shared era punctuated by alternative truths, climate crises, populist politics, the erection of walls and borders (physical/digital/social), and the proliferation of attention economies fuelled by media technologies. Within this era of uncertainty can be detected a nostalgia for the neoliberal heydays of the 1990s, and a desire to recycle unsustainable visions from the recent past – the periods of double-digit growth, bubble economies, mega projects, and confident nationalisms.

Yet, given these circumstances and conditions, we can also detect parallel energies by artists, cultural workers, researchers, activists and communities coalescing around the recovery and recognition of inconvenient histories and memories; the decolonisation of knowledge production and values; and the still hopeful search for alternative, imaginative, and resilient futures; amongst others. These efforts, often cross-disciplinary, can be read as acts of errata – a process of excavating and correcting errors that have become entrenched across different eras.

This workshop invites curatorial proposals and projects that consider the theme and questions below:
  • How are the pressing social currents of our present shaped by the errors of previous eras (historiographical/cosmological/calendrical/geological)?
  • What are the potentialities of revisiting, reviewing and revising these mistakes – of inserting errata into the pages of our histories or our prescribed futures, as well as the logics underlying our ‘common’ sense of time and place?
  • How can these errata or corrections be realised in poetic, potent and productive ways by curators – in collaboration with artists, researchers, and other stakeholders?
17 – 19 February 2020 (3 days)

The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur

Mr. Mark Teh – Performance maker, researcher
Ms. IIDA Shihoko – Curator

Applying candidates must fulfill the following eligibilities:
1) Those who have broader interests in curatorial practices not limited to contemporary art but also includes art history, architecture, material culture, music, performance, etc;
2) Those who are 35 years old or below at the time of application;
3) Those who are able to attend the full duration of both the workshop (17 – 19 February 2020) and to organize and manage the exhibition/project (June – July 2020)


A maximum of 10 persons

Please submit the Application Form* in full with required documents as stated in the Application Guideline** to the Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur via e-mail  to thejapanfoundationkl[at]gmail[dot]com by 3 February 2020, Monday.

Kindly download the following attachments:
For contact and inquiries, please contact:

The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur
Attn: KUGAI Kyoko (Ms.)
18th Floor, Northpoint Block B, Mid-Valley City,
No.1, Medan Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
TEL: 03-2284 6228
FAX: 03-2287 5859
E-mail: thejapanfoundationkl[at]gmail[dot]com

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