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26/10/2018 - JFKL SMALL GRANT AWARDEES ( November 2018 )

Every month, the Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur highlights recipients of the Japan Foundation Grants Programme, JFKL Small Grants Programme and…

22/7/2018 - [ APPLICATION CLOSED ] : Next Generation: Producing Performing Arts 2018

Next Generation: Producing Performing Arts is a program for young generation, who work with artists and connect them as wells…

13/4/2018 - Un Yamada 2018 : People without Seasons in Sabah

People without Seasons coming to Sabah! Un Yamada’s “People without Seasons” is back, but this time to Kota Kinabalu! Based…

20/10/2017 - People without Seasons

Leading choreographer Un Yamada presents a Japanese-Malaysian dance theatre experience inspired by the lives of people who reside on the fringes of society.

19/10/2017 - Rakugo in English by Diane Kichijitsu

Brace yourself to be tickled silly by the comic stylings of renowned Rakugo performer Diane Kichijitsu.

26/9/2017 - Noh Performance ‘Funa-Benkei’

Experience the 650-year-old art of Noh at a special one-night-only performance at Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS this September.

12/7/2017 - Malaysia–Japan Traditional Puppet Exchange

Witness 14 centuries of culture collide as Japanese and Malaysian puppeteers showcase the richness of their craft.

29/6/2017 - [CLOSED] Audition for ‘A City Without Seasons’

Co. Un Yamada invites Malaysians to join the cast of ‘A City Without Seasons’, a dance theatre production inspired by Shugoro Yamamoto’s novel of the same name.

9/5/2017 - Malaysia-Japan Traditional Music Exchange Project

Witness a mesmerising medley drawn from the traditional songbook of two countries as Japanese and Malaysian musicians showcase the results of their exciting collaboration.

18/3/2017 - A City Without Seasons

Two Malaysian dancers will set the stage alight in Japan as part of Co. Un Yamada’s revival of a 2012 production.


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