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BATIK: From Seed to Textile is the third phase in a 5-year research-based project aimed at rediscovering and documenting natural…

26/12/2017 - Field Trip Asia

Field Trip Asia is a community based project exhibition related to environmental sustainability, disaster in heritage sites and creative strategies…

17/4/2017 - The Dolls of Japan: Shapes of Prayer, Embodiments of Love

Admire Japan’s rich doll-making heritage at an exhibition representative of the country’s diverse styles developed over centuries.

24/2/2017 - ESCAPE from the SEA

A group exhibition bringing together 14 contemporary artists from Malaysia, Japan and Southeast Asia to investigate notions of identity, belongingness, and history through the politics of borders in this region and beyond.

16/5/2016 - Beautiful Handicrafts of Tohoku, Japan

Explore Tohoku’s rich cultural heritage through an exquisite collection of handcrafted art from the region resolutely recovering from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

7/8/2015 - Japanese Arts Highlights @ George Town Festival 2015

The George Town Festival 2015 opens with a strong Japanese flavour that will only get more pronounced throughout the month.

6/6/2015 - OPEN GATE – An ever-changing exhibition

The Hin Bus Depot will warrant repeat visits throughout 6–21 June as artists from Japan and Malaysia collaborate on OPENGATE, a constantly-changing exhibition.

16/9/2014 - The World Heritage in Japan: History, Nature and Food

The World Heritage Convention is a document adopted in 1972 by a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation)…

1/5/2014 - Parallel Nippon: Contemporary Japanese Architecture 1996 – 2006

Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang and Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur brings you – “Parallel Nippon” an that exhibition looks at buildings completed on Japanese soil as well as buildings realized by Japanese architects abroad, the projects range from large-scale infrastructure facilities to small private residences.

11/9/2013 - Gazing at the Contemporary World: Japanese Photography from the 1970s to the Present

“Gazing at the Contemporary World: Japanese Photography from the 1970s to the Present” is an overview of the diverse photographic expression that has emerged in Japan since the 1970s. The exhibition includes 76 photographs by 23 photographers such as Nobuyoshi Araki and Daido Moriyama.


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